Finally an Eco-Friendly Light Bulb That Actually Works Too!

PlumenPhew! As a woman who is fairly obsessed with good lighting, I'm thrilled -- thrilled, I say! -- to hear that someone has developed an energy-efficient bulb that actually produces nice, soft lighting. What a bright idea! (Ha!)

Hulger, the geniuses behind the retro phone handset that hipsters can ironically attach to their cellphones, has developed the world's first "designer" energy-saving light bulb. Shall I shed a little light on the subject? (Sorry I can't stop!)


Compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) last eight times as long as regular bulbs and use 80 percent less energy ... but as we all know: THEY MAKE HORRIBLE, AWFUL, TERRIBLE LIGHT. Hideous. Imagine if your entire house were bathed in the same light as a discount store dressing room -- that's what life would be like with only the standard CFLs. These are the things that inspire terror in my heart. I'd have to go back to using candles! I am one of those people who has seriously considered hoarding the regular incandescent bulbs in anticipation of the day they're no longer available.

I love the planet, but does that mean I have to be tortured by bad, cold eco-friendly lighting? Apparently the answer now is no! I can be green and have soft lighting: these new Plumen bulbs not only look cool, but they actually work too.

"We are trying to get people to adopt more efficient lights through seduction," says Hulger founder Nicholas Roope. Well, Nicholas, you had me at "brighter lighting similar to that created by traditional bulbs." Hubba hubba!

The only drawback? The price: Plumens cost $29.95, which sounds like a crazy amount of money to spend on a light bulb, right?! Well, maybe not -- they do last eight times as long as a regular bulb, and regular bulbs already last a long time as far as I'm concerned. Hopefully soon other companies will start making similar products, and the price will come down. In the meantime, here's a video all you lighting lovers will find ... HOT!

Oooh... burn baby burn!

Would you consider buying one of these bulbs?

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