‘Lazarus the Vampire Cat’ Is So Scary Cute He’ll Steal Your Heart

vampire catMove over, Grumpy Cat -- there's a new viral kitty on the scene, and this fierce-looking feline's got a lot more going for him than a bad attitude: He's Lazarus, the Vampire Cat. Yeah, you heard me. Vampire. Cat. Not bat! Cat. I guess it was only a matter of time before common house pets got in on the undead action.

(Calling True Blood casting agents: Cameo appearance?!)

Of course Lazarus isn't REALLY a vampire. In fact, he started out as a sad, sickly little stray, roaming the streets of Tennessee -- until he was rescued by an East Tennessee State University student and taken to the vet ... who found the 10-week-old kitten to be even sicker than the student thought.


Not only was Lazarus malnourished and covered in fleas, he was suffering from a severe infection of the mouth and nasal passages which required the removal of his top canine teeth.

It's those obvious lower fangs combined with his cleft palate that gives Lazarus the appearance of a bloodsucking immortal, even though he's apparently quite the sweetheart. Cindy Chambers, a special education faculty member at the University who regularly fosters animals, has plans to train Lazarus as a therapy cat for people with disabilities.

"You immediately feel some kind of connection with Lazarus because he has such a great personality and he's just so loving. His disability really isn't a focus. He's just a really awesome cat," she says. Awwwww!! What a fabulous idea. Vampires, rescued cats, helping people ... you don't hear stories like this one every day. Talk about a happy ending.

Though I still think Lazarus should make an appearance on True Blood.

Would you want Lazarus the Vampire Cat for a pet?


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