New Minivan Has Awesome Feature Every Mom Will Love (VIDEO)

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minivanFor the most part, I'd say my house is pretty clean and organized. I detest clutter, have an addiction to Swiffering my floors, and am fortunate enough to have some help come in and do the heavy cleaning a couple of times a month. It's important to me that my house be comfortable and inviting, and to me that means clean.

My minivan however ... oh what a different story that is. Attempting to keep that thing clean is one of my greatest failures in life ... or at least the most evident. There are crumbs in the crevices, trash that seemingly grows itself in the back row, and fingerprints and some strange film covering my windows most days. No matter how hard I try -- and implore my kids to try -- I open that handy automatic sliding door and unveil a den of chaos and uncleanliness. It's embarrassing to say the least.

So that's why when I heard about the latest feature Honda is offering in its new minivans, I was blown away. It's almost as good as a self-cleaning car.

According to Mashable, the 2014 Honda Odyssey Minivan will have a built-in vacuum system. I know! How brilliant is that, and why has it taken so long for a minivan manufacturer to realize how much families need this? The hose, which is stored in the rear cargo area, reaches all the way up to the front seat, and there's an attachment that gets in the crevices! It's powered by your car's battery, and it doesn't even have to be running to work. 

Sure, we could wheel out our regular vacuum or even that hand vac, but how often does that happen? Not often enough, I'll tell you. This would be a whole new, cleaner ball game. I can see my spotless new ride now.

The best part is who came up with the idea -- the daughter of one of Honda's engineers who kept griping about the messy van. "Dad, you need a vacuum in here," she reportedly told him. And now we can all have one ... or at least those who can afford a brand new minivan can. Unfortunately my Odyssey is still in great shape, so I probably won't get a new one for many years, but in the meantime, I will dream.

Here it is in action. Watch ... and be prepared to want it bad.

Would you love to have a built-in vacuum in your car?


Image via Julie Ryan Evans

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ALove... ALovelyWife

That's awesome. I would LOOOOVE to have a built-in vacuum cleaner in my car! 

Rhond... RhondaVeggie

That would be a very useful invention.

corri... corrinacs

I saw tha tit had a vaccuum in it as I was vaccuuming out my car this weekend LOL

Jesus Ocampo

Why is this a big deal again?? Its not the first car that comes equipped with a vacuum cleaner. Just the first one that actually ADVERTISED it.

My 1996 Ford Van, yes, that's 1996, included a built in cordless vacuum that would automatic charge while the van was running.
It only took Honda 18 years to add one to their van...

dmarie04 dmarie04

My van is often referred to (by my husband) as the "trash can on wheels".  So I bought a little hand vac (with attachments) from Family Dollar for $10.  It plugs into the cigarette lighter port and works great.  

nonmember avatar Ildi

Yes they should have thought of it before, weird none of the manufacturers did.. On the other hand, you can always get a handheld vacuum to keep in the car :-) (that's what my mother in law did)

TerriC TerriC

Yes!  Yes, I would!

Jaime Swift Sundin

Bad thing some little kid is going to turn that on and clog the shit out of it LOL.

Rachael Overweg

Um, so where does all the garbage go? 


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