10 Easy & Adorable Easter Crafts You Can Make Today

bunny nose mask easter craft
Carrie A./Flickr

If you're looking for some adorable Easter decorating and craft ideas, we've got 10 easy-peasy projects for you right here. Some of these you can make for a surprise for your kids, and others are fun crafts your kids will love making with you. There's something for everyone here.


1. DIY Paint Chips Easter Garland: This is a brilliant idea. Gather a whole rainbow of paint chips, cut into egg shapes, and turn it all into a gorgeous Easter garland. So pretty -- and it all came from the hardware store! 

2. Bunnies and Carrots Garland: Here's a free download for another garland idea that's even easier. 

3. Tulip-Tastic Flower Arrangement: Dress up your tulips with Peeps and jelly beans. Sure, it's gilding the lily, but this vase looks so festive.  

4. Salt Dough Egg Ornaments: From Design Mom, these are as easy as baking sugar cookies. And your kids can help decorate them. 

5. Photo Print Easter Eggs: Paste photos of your family to your eggs! It's kind of wacky, but I love it. 

6. Egg Popper Tree: You know those Christmas crackers or poppers, little bundles you pop open that have a little surprise inside? This is kind of the same idea, only made with little plastic eggs and hung from a tree.  

easter crafts
Carrie A./Flickr

7. Bunny Nose and Whiskers: See the photo above? Just wrap white pipe cleaners around a Popsicle stick and glue on a pink pompom. DONE! And your kids will have something cute to play with all weekend.

8. Chocolate-Dipped Peeps: Because this definitely needs to happen. You're just melting some chocolate, dipping in the Peeps, and then dipping the chocolate Peeps into sprinkles. Scroll all the way down for directions for Peeps s'mores, another thing that needs to happen.

9. Easter Egg Tree Centerpiece: There's a zillion adorable ideas here at Dimple Prints, but I especially like the couldn't-be-easier centerpiece, the Easter tree. It's just cherry blossom branches with eggs tied on.  

10. Naturally Dyed Eggs: I know, Easter egg dyeing has gotten all fancy and I said I was through with it. But I still love the gorgeous colors of naturally-dyed eggs. I've been trying to do this for years with no success. But I finally found directions that work! Design Sponge has you boil your dye bath for a while, then boil your eggs in the bath, then let your eggs sit in the bath at room temperature overnight. Totally worked for me. I was blown away.

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