Gabby Giffords' Family Dog Attacks Baby Seal & Dramatic Rescue Attempt Doesn't End Well (VIDEO)

We all remember former Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords and the horrible experience she went through being shot in the head by a deranged madman. The country followed her nothing short of miraculous recovery. Now she and her husband, former astronaut Mark Kelly, are making news for a different sort of tragedy -- one that involves their daughter's pet dog and a poor baby sea lion.

Giffords and her husband and their 18-year-old daughter (whom one outlet identifies as Claudia, and her dog as Shiner) are reportedly vacationing in Laguna Beach, California, and were hanging out on the beach when the teen's dog broke free from her and a friend and rushed a baby sea lion, latching onto it with his teeth.

Bystanders ran over to try and help -- and one of them had a camera, naturally. No one seems to have had a clue what to do. One woman repeatedly bashes the dog in the face with seaweed. Another woman (unclear if it is the daughter) is pulling on the sea lion. Wouldn't it have been more effective to try and pry the dog's mouth open?

"There was a lot of panic going on," says the man who recorded the horrible scene, who only gave his name as Nathan. "No one really knew how to respond to a dog that was lockjawed on this animal." As for Nathan, he offers Kelly's daughter the spectacular advice (sarcasm) to "drown the dog." "What the f--k are you talking about?" the girl who looks like Kelly's daughter screams. Dude, why don't you put down your camera and help?

Mark Kelly eventually appears and is able to yank the dog away. He can be seen dragging the dog by its leash down the beach, but it was unfortunately too little, too late for the seal.

Lesson? Muzzle dogs in public places where there might be other animals around. Always keep them leashed and make sure you have control over them. Do not give a large, strong dog to someone who can't handle it, even if the dog is leashed.

Authorities say that Kelly and his daughter didn't do anything wrong and won't be arrested. Ugh, this is just a tragic tale for this poor sea lion. Unfortunately, you can't control everything an animal will do, and sometimes it just ends badly. I feel terrible for the daughter too, because in the video she seems quite hysterical and is crying. I would feel just awful if my dog had done this. 

Has your dog ever attacked another animal?

Image via GreatWhitePitBull/YouTube

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Erinly Erinly

Oh my gosh, i feel so nauseous after watching that! I had to turn it off, it made me cry! The only thing that could possibly make this the tiniest bit better is that hopefully, since the seal was a baby, it died quickly and didn't suffer too much. I know people are probably going to bash pit bulls after seeing this, but i don't think that the dog attacked because of its breed. My corgi/beagle mix almost killed a bunny in the backyard because that's the nature of the beagle in her- to hunt. That being said, if it were another breed, it probably would have not been as difficult to get its jaw off. While it's a myth that their jaws "lock", they are a very determined breed and don't let go without a fight. My chocolate lab was just bit by a pitbull 2 nights ago and get to get 3 staples in her head to close the wound, but that doesn't make me hate the breed, it just means we need to be uber vigilant when we have our dogs out in public and around other people and animals.

nonmember avatar Chad 91

I say give the dog a treat and let him sleep in the bed tonight.

P.s. let that dog have 10 minutes on seal cove!!!!! :) god bless

Eddie... EddiesMama83

This is why I'm not too terribly crazy about dogs, particular certain breeds like pit bulls. And I agree that pets should always be leashed and muzzled. BTW, the only reason those two idiots didn't get arrested for their dog's reckless behavior is because of who they are. If it was just a regular jane and joe, you bet they would have been thrown in the slammer. Those idiots better watch out because if their pit bull attacks a small child or an adult, they will have a LAWSUIT on their hands. 

LostS... LostSoul88

Who's going to sue Eddiesmama? King Tritan? It was an accident. It's not like they told the dog to attack. 

Serab... Serabelle

Sounds like this is a case of an owner not training their animal correctly. I have had several dogs in my life and none have been violent, and with the exception of 2 of them have never required a leash. I always leash them in public, but at the beach we let them off leash to play in the water. The two that required leashes were runners, so weren't allowed off leash. All of my dogs are properly trained in recall, and most important in a dogs life, leave it! My dog now I can put anything in front of her and she won't touch until I say so. This helps when wild turkeys get into the yard, my dog sits next to me quivering to chase them, but won't if I say to leave it. People with "bully" breeds also need to teach them to release on command. This dog isn't the problem, it's the owners neglect. But, I also don't think legal action would be necessary. All dogs nature is to hunt, if it were a sea gull or other animal that wasn't cute and cuddly no one would care

nonmember avatar Randy

If that dog was transported from AZ. to CA.
That would be illegal transportation of a
killing dog and should be taken by animal

nonmember avatar ade3

That dog could of easily killed a small child.

Dave Rees


nonmember avatar Azcruiser

Seal in ca should be allowed to carry guns

Nycti... Nyctimene

Another useless dog owner who thinks the rules are for everyone BUT their dog and then are as useless as tits on a bull when their pet gets out of control and basically just whimper and cry and let everyone else deal with the situation. Most beaches have leash laws for this very reason. Dog should be removed and she should have at least a 10 year ban on owning another dog and be forced to go to several classes about dog abuse and where it leads.

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