Adorable Rare Baby Giraffe Stands With Mom's Help & Melts Our Hearts (VIDEO)

baby giraffe and momNow that we live in a world in which there are entire shows devoted to "too cute" animals, we're probably just a bit desensitized to adorableness. Even so, an endangered baby giraffe is sure to steal your heart. Her mom, Petal, a 6-year-old Rothschild giraffe, gave birth to the calf at a conservation center in Connecticut last Friday. Marcella Leone, founder and director of the center, remarked, "She's a great mom. She was very proud, trying to show off her newborn." Awww!

And in a video clip sure to go viral, Petal also coaxes her little one -- by cleaning/kissing her -- into standing for the first time. Check it out ...


So, so sweet! And I was impressed before I even read that this was just 30 minutes after the calf's birth. Geeze! Giraffes are obviously more than incredibly majestic animals. They're fast learners and wonderfully maternal to boot! Leone commented:

It's really astonishing how a huge animal like that ... how delicately and in such a nurturing way she approaches caring for her calf.

You're telling me! But that said, it really makes it even sadder to think that Rothschild giraffes like Petal and her newborn are classified as endangered on the IUCN Red List, because there are fewer than 670 left in the wild in their indigenous Kenya and Uganda. What a tragedy it would be to no longer have these beautiful, amazing animals in the world.

How sweet is this? Does it upset you that these beautiful animals are endangered?


Image via Dani Raske/YouTube

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