Man Accused of Killing Roommate’s Goldfish Because He’s Mad She’s Moving Out

goldfishAh, roommates. They're one of the best ways to cut living costs, but they also can come straight from hell. Just ask Brenda Alvarez, a 45-year-old woman who wanted to move out of her New York apartment.

According to the New York Post, when her roommate, Jose Santiago, 47, saw her packing her bags, he got furious and took it out on her in the most bizarre and disturbing way -- he went after her pet goldfish, Bonnie and Clyde.


In a sick and twisted move, he allegedly flushed one fish down the toilet right before her eyes, while he put the other one in a bag and suffocated it. Alvarez told the paper:

They were my babies! I can’t have children, so my pets are like my kids. They were beautiful fish and cost about $25 each. I did everything for him, and the only thing I ever asked him to do was the laundry. So why did he do this to me?

Why, indeed. She said they were long-time friends but things had been bad recently. "Then he went crazy!" she said, noting that he also pushed her around a bit and left a mark on her head. This poor woman. Fish may not be the cuddliest creatures, but they were hers, they were living creatures, and she was attached to them, which he clearly knew. That's just sick behavior, and I think she's lucky she got out when she did.

Santiago has been charged with animal cruelty and assault, and I hope he's prosecuted to the full extent of the law and that Alvarez finds a saner roommate. 

It's not always easy though. We've heard some horrible stories of roommates from hell over the years. From this dude who drank his roommate's milk and explained it in the most unusual way to this woman who did the most horrifying thing when her roommate died, you just never know who you're living with.

From the time I went to college until I moved in with my husband, I went through a slew of roommates in that decade. Men, women, amazing ones, and ones that still make me shudder to think I shared a roof with. None was quite this bad as these, but I'm glad my days of living with anyone I'm not related to are over. I hope.

Have you had any bad experiences with roommates?


Image via tanakawho/Flickr

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