Tiger Woods Moves Into Crazy Expensive Mansion He Designed With His Ex & It’s Not Weird at All

Tiger Woods Home

Tiger Woods seems to have things pretty good lately. The pro golfer recently announced his official relationship with skier Lindsey Vonn using the cheesiest of photos. Now, he's preparing to move into the $60 million mansion in Jupiter, Florida that he and ex-wife Elin Nordegren designed together. And let me tell you, this home is unbelievable.

Complete with four bedroom suites, a tennis court, gym, diving pool, lap lane, 100-foot running track, small golf course, wine cellar, and movie theater. There are also four buildings that attach to the main house, including a golf training stadium stand-alone garage, a MASSIVE guest house, and a boat house.

Oh, and have I mentioned that the pad overlooks the Atlantic Ocean with incredible sea views? Jesus. This place has more amenities than that luxury mansion Kimye built in Bel Air!


Usually I would say that it's gotta be hard moving into a home that you designed with your ex-wife. However, after seeing photos of this place -- I just don't know if it's possible to be upset about a damn thing in a home like that.

I may not be Tiger Woods' biggest fan, but I do believe that everyone deserves a chance at happiness. Sure, Tiger's happiness may cost a lot more than mine, but I would KILL for a chance to go for a swim in that lap lane, then get out, dry off, and stare at the Atlantic.

And hey -- at least he won't have to worry about whether or not Lindsey will like his new pad. I'd say it's pretty impossible not to. My money's on her calling Tiger from the lap pool and asking him to bring her a spritzer.

What do you think of Tiger's new home?


Image via Splash News

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