I Don't Stick to a Budget Because I'm Afraid It Will Ruin My Life

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moneyI have a bit of a confession to make, and I'm already anticipating most of you gasping in horror at what I'm about to tell you -- but I'm going to spill the beans anyway.

I don't use nor stick to any sort of budget when it comes to my personal finances. I don't balance my checkbook and never have. I don't have a set amount put aside each month for "fun money," disposable income, etc. And while I do add to my savings account on a regular basis, I don't have a set percentage of my paycheck that has to go in there each and every single time.

I pay my bills on time, buy gas, groceries, and other necessary household items, and whatever is left over is great and I'll spend it as I see fit.

And yes, I'm fully aware that I'm probably being super irresponsible, and I also know my lack of budgeting may come back and bite me in the ass someday.

But you know what? At this point, I really don't care. Because I truly have enough on my plate these days as it is without creating some sort of spreadsheet to keep track of where every last penny of my income is going. (Shameful and stupid, I know.)

The common sense side of me says I probably should think about implementing some sort of budget at some point in the near future, but I have to admit -- I'm kind of scared to break down and do it.

For one thing, I'm a little nervous about having my eyes opened to all the frivolous things I spend money on. (Like wine, fancy shampoo, and fluffy new towels for the bathroom.) And quite frankly, I'm also terrified of having to change my lifestyle in any way by allotting specific amounts of funds for certain things.

For the most part, I'm pretty happy with my life at this point in time. I enjoy going out to dinner a few times a week. I don't mind shelling out a little bit extra on groceries for organic produce and natural meats. And I love going out and doing fun things with my family on the weekends, taking regular trips, and basically enjoying each and every day as much as I can. And I'm just so worried that if I put all of my finances down on paper, I'll be tempted to start making cuts here and there. Then my lifestyle as I know it will totally change and I'll be depressed and miserable.

Sigh. Whether I put myself on a budget, or keep things the way they are, I feel like I'm probably going to lose out in one way or another. What's a girl to do?

Do you budget? Has it made your life better or worse?


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nonmember avatar Cass

If you don't want to cut something, then don't. But if you see a luxury that you don't think is worth the money, then what's the harm in cutting it?

jhslove jhslove

We do, religiously. A lot of the reason we stick to a budget is so that we CAN feel free to spend more on the things that are important to us (our grocery budget) without worry about whether we can really afford it.

We also like the peace of mind of knowing that we're saving for our daughter's college and our retirement, so we won't be a burden to our children in our old age. Honestly, I can't imagine NOT living by any kind of budget or knowing how much I was spending. That would make me really, really nervous.

lulou lulou

I rarely think about the budget when shopping but know we're thrifty enough that I dont need to.We have our finances pretty automated.   When money comes in it automatically goes to college funds, the bill account, etc.  What I do more of is monitor that those big things happen, and my credit card statements online to watch out for fraud - and accumulate my points!      I also only have 1 card I use constantly and one for backup.  So less to monitor and never since I was 21 lured into a apparel store cc scheme (and hate it when the person in front of me checking out is)  Currently beating my husband in 2 credit report scores, he's got me beat in one.   grrrr

mommy... mommytojack0524

We stick to our budget. We have a plan to get out of debt by the end of the year (except for the mortgage). We have a toddler and are saving for college for him. We are also saving for retirement. Our goal is to have $10-$15k in savings by the end of next year. Then, we will relax a little and spend more.

Believe me, if you have a lot of debt...it will bite you. Can't wait to pay off all of ours.


Zande... ZanderBomb

Try using mint.com.  Its free, tracks your spending for you, and makes it easy to see how much you're spending and where.

GlowW... GlowWorm889

I'm a super-saver. NOT having a budget makes my dizzy! XD

the4m... the4mutts

I am normally a BIG budgeter. I budget every day. Track expenses, cut things, add things, constantly. It was almost an obsession. Then the last 60 days, I lived just like you're describing at the reqest of my s/o, who saw how stressed I was.

I HATED IT!! It was awful for me. I had withdrawls.

But, I realized I was overdoing my budgeting. I will never live like you do. It makes me too nervous. But it did prompt me to revamp my budget, use more cash instead of debit/credit, and to splurge on certain things. Im happier now.

Im not insulting your life. Whatever makes you happy, is what you should do. Just saying I tried it, and it did NOT make me happy! LoL

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