'RHOBH' Camille Grammer Wants Amazing Malibu Mansion She Shared With Kelsey Out of Her Life (PHOTO)


Camille Grammer homeReal Housewives of Beverly Hills star Camille Grammer just slashed the price of the balls-to-the-wall Malibu mansion she's selling from a whopping $17.9 million to a reasonable $14.995 million. That's more like it, Camille. I mean, geez, give some of us a fair shot at your soon-to-be-former digs.

No, but seriously, $14.995 million is still a lot of cash -- especially considering the place only has four bedrooms, and especially since Kelsey and Camille paid way less for it when they bought it in 1998.

No, like, way less.

When they purchased the home, they forked over a cool $4.5 mill. Yes, the market is back on the upswing, and yes, it's 15 years later, but still. Asking an extra $10+ million seems excessive.

That said, though, the home does have some incredible amenities.

Chateau Grammer has a kitchen designed by celebrity chef Wolfgang Puck; a dressage riding ring and nine-stall barn; and a 8,000+ square foot guest house (8,000+ square feet!), which features a 5-car garage and rooftop deck. No too shabs.

However, like Katy Perry, Camille will probably still have to lower the price of the house. Sucks for her, as everyone wants what they think their house is worth, but a dressage riding ring just isn't worth what it used to be, Cami. Check out Trulia. You'll see for yourself.

What real estate issues have you encountered in life?

Image via Real Estate Stalker/MLS

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nonmember avatar Georgia

I hope she gets every dime she is asking for. After what that cad Kelsey did to her, may he forever have the worst luck in whatever he endeavors to do. And don't forget to make your child support payments you dirty bastard!

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