I Refuse to Have People Over Because I'm Embarrassed About My House

tired woman messy living room

It's confession time. I absolutely hate -- yes, I said HATE -- entertaining in any sense of the word. Whether it be hosting dinners, holiday parties, martini nights, or any sort of get together involving anyone other than my parents -- I really can't stand having people over. And it's not because I'm antisocial or don't want to deal with cooking and cleaning for anyone other than myself, my husband, and my kid. It's because I'm embarrassed about the fact that the interior of my house has absolutely no decor going on whatsoever.


There aren't any pictures on the walls, mostly because I have an irrational fear of hanging pictures on the walls. I don't have cute little knick-knacks displayed on perfectly positioned console tables and shelves. My windows have no curtains hanging from them. And my furniture? Well, most of it could use a nice upgrade from the hodge podge of pieces my husband and I combined from our respective apartments when we got married almost 10 years ago. (It's kind of like a dorm room up in here, you guys.)

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And I know my true friends don't give a rat's behind about what the inside of my house looks like and probably don't even notice the lack of decor when they come over. However, I'm painfully aware of the eye pleasing and attractive interiors of their homes every time they host some sort of gathering. Whenever I so much as set foot in one of their chic, stylish houses, I get a sinking feeling in my gut -- because I know my own pad doesn't even come close to measuring up.

It's not that my husband and I don't want our house to look nice or that we don't have the means to make it look somewhat put together and polished. I think the problem lies in the fact that neither one of us really has the time or energy to put in the effort required to turn our home into a showplace. And even if we did find time to give decorating a whirl, neither one of us has any sort of vision as to where to begin. (We're such a lost cause. It's hopeless.)

But who knows? Maybe one of these days, the decorating fairy will show up on our doorstep with a magic wand and transform our house into something that resembles the pages of the Pottery Barn catalog.

But until then, I guess we're just going to have to find other suitable places to party.

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