Gift Guide: Handy (Wo)Man

Check each of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people in your life. Earlier this week, here in Home & Garden, we gave you gift ideas for your Eco-Friend, the Garden Guru, and the Handmade Hipster. Tomorrow, we'll also have gift ideas for the Pet Lover and then very soon...Stocking Stuffers!

What will you get the Handy (Wo)Man in your life?

There's no time for shopping when you're always fixing, wiggling, jiggling, and making stuff. Here are some handy dandy gift ideas for the Mr. and Ms. Fix-Its on your shopping list.


Product: Pipes, Sprinklers, and Cage Lights T-shirt

Cost: $25

Where to Buy: Slow Shirts

Extras: Comes in unisex and girls styles. T-shirts made by sweatshop-free American Apparel.

Why I Love It: It's fun to wear your tinkerings on your T-shirt.

Product: Petzl Tikka XP LED Headlamp

Cost: $49.95

Where to Buy: REI

Extras: Battery powered. Up to 120 hours of light on low setting.

Why I Love It: Being handy can lead a person to some dark places.

Make Magazine, $34.95/year

Product: Make Magazine subscription

Cost: $34.95

Where to Buy: Make Magazine website

Extras: It's just $26.95 to subscribe to the Digital Edition.

Why I Love It: It's high-tech inspiration for low-tech makers.

tool pouch

Horizon 4-Pocket Leather Pouch, $12.99 from Target

Product: Horizon 4-Pocket Leather Pouch

Cost: $12.99

Where to Buy: Target

Extras: Holds nails, tools, pencils, and more.

Why I Love It: Who doesn't feel bad to the bone wearing one of these on their belt?

Check back tomorrow for gift ideas for your favorite Pet Lover.

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