Loyal Dog Blinded by Cruel Burglar While Trying to Protect Owner's Home

beware of dogAs if stealing from an elderly woman while she's out to church wasn't low enough, 21-year-old David Senior allegedly went and kicked the woman's dog in the face so hard it left the pooch blind in one eye in the process. Talk about scum.

It happened last September, when Kiri, an 8-year-old collie was home alone. She saw the burglar enter the home, and was likely attempting to protect it. When her owner, an 86-year-old woman, who doesn't want to be identified, returned later that night, she found her precious dog seriously injured. Even though doctors tried, poor Kiri's eye couldn't be saved, and she was left blind in one eye. 


The photos of the dog are beyond heartbreaking and difficult to look at, as is considering how the incident has changed the woman's life. Inspector Ed Slough, of West Mercia Police in the UK told the Birmingham Mail, “The dog is a constant companion to the owner and the incident has left her nervous about going out and leaving the dog alone.”

Fortunately, after villagers offered an reward to catch the sicko, Senior was caught. He was recently sent to prison for 22 months. According to the Daily Mail, that's 16 months for the burglary plus six for possession of cannabis, but what about anything for the dog?! While I'm glad they caught him, 22 months doesn't seem nearly long enough. What he did showed such a lack of compassion and merciless that I would be scared to have someone like that walk the streets again. And brave Kiri deserves more justice than that.

Do you think 22 months in prison is long enough for what this man did to this dog?


Image via wayne's eye view/Flickr

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