Killer Bees Swarm Neighborhood & Kill Family Dog but Kids Escape (VIDEO)

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A family dog is dead after a tree was cut down in a neighbor's yard. No, the tree didn't fall on the dead pooch. That would have been more merciful. Instead, the 5-year-old pit bull died from hundreds of bee stings, after a swarm of bees that had made their hive in the old tree suddenly erupted out of the trunk after it was cut open and rampaged throughout the neighborhood.

It happened in North Hollywood, California. Workers were removing a dead tree in a family's yard where, unbeknownst to everyone, a hive of bees had taken up residence. As soon as the tree was cut, the bees swarmed out and attacked a dog who was in a neighbor's yard. The dog was rushed to the vet, but didn't survive.

Neighbors said that children were playing in the area too. Said one neighbor:

We've all got kids and dogs, and I was doing yard work earlier with my dog out in front and didn't know anything was going on. So, luckily, it didn't hurt any kids, but it's terrible it hurt a dog.

Certainly it was fortunate that the bees didn't descend on the children -- but I feel terrible for the poor dog, whose name was Babe. Imagine having your pet die that way!

Workers called exterminators who doused the tree with foam and water, but since honey remained in the branches, they feared the bees might return. So the entire tree was removed.

I grew up in the country where we routinely chopped down trees in the woods behind our house to make firewood. Never would I have thought something like this could happen. If you're going to have your trees cut down it might be prudent to remove all animals and children into the house ... just in case. Even if it's not your tree being removed.

Do you worry about chopping down your trees?

Image via KTLA

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LostS... LostSoul88

The Stir jumped the gun, if they actually read more reports and watch the video they posted they said they don't know if it was killer bees or honey bees. Typical for the stir. 

alway... alwayscurious

Write, the exact same thing happened in my town recently. The bees were Africanized. Except they were in the wood of the outside house instead of a tree. The family dog died. Very sad, and very scary. The while neighborhood was evacuated for a bit.

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