7 Pinterest Boards to Follow If Spring Cleaning Is on Your To-Do List

spring cleaningThere are many things I look forward to about spring: Warmer weather, daffodils popping everywhere, longer days with more sunlight. But one thing I'm never excited about is spring cleaning. Everyone's talking about it right now, and it's kind of giving me a headache -- mostly because I know my home really needs it.

So fine. Spring cleaning, SPRING CLEANING. All right already. I'll do it, but I'm not gonna like it. If only there were a website with lots of pretty pictures to motivate me... Pinterest to the rescue! Here's some inspiring spring cleaning Pinterest boards to follow if you're like me and need help getting started.


1. Spring Cleaning: Tips, charts, DIY projects, you name it. Hey, 7,449 followers (and counting) can't be wrong! Includes specialized stuff like cleaning silver and more practical instructions, like getting your kids to keep their rooms clean. 

2. A Clean Home Is A Happy Home: Lots of great non-toxic cleaning ideas and recipes here. I also like the kids' cleaning projects. 

3. Spring Cleaning Tips: Lots of great general tips, but also some clever cleaning tips like how to unclog your shower head and how to turn your spring cleaning into a workout.  

4. Home Organization & Cleaning: This is a huge board loaded with great ideas. It just goes on and on! The organizing ideas are especially cool. 

5. Trucs et astuces pour le nettoyage et l'entretien: Anyone speak French? This is just "tips and tricks for cleaning and maintenance," but if saying it in French makes it feel luxurious, fantastique! All of the pins are all in English. This is another huge board with tons of cleaning tips.

6. Oh how i like... Cleaning (or the result of it): Ah yes, we all like the result of cleaning. This board starts out pretty, cheerful colors with cute to-do lists. But scroll down and you're see some seriously helpful housekeeping hacks. 

7. Oh wait... you see what I just did? Now you're going to procrastinate your spring cleaning, looking at all these pretty boards. Well, there's a board for that, too: Cleaning stuff I should really be doing instead of being on Pinterest. Enjoy! 

Where do you find spring cleaning inspiration/motivation?


Image via go_greener_oz/Flickr

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