Woman Sells All of Cheating Husband’s Things in Yard Sale While He’s Away With Mistress

This has got to be one of the most hilarious Craigslist ads of all time. A Vancouver woman who was irate over her husband's cheating ways decided to sell all of his belongings in a "big ass" yard sale -- while he was away with his "floozie." The scorned wife posted the ad in all CAPS (I'll forgive her) and urged people to come grab what they can so that the house would be empty upon his return and it would "be a shock for him to see." (Let's hope he doesn't read Craigslist yard sale ads.) She added that she and her girlfriends would be getting drunk while gathering up his stuff and would have hangovers in the morning, so people shouldn't "come too early (like he did)." Ohhh, snap!


Up for sale included his "favorite red leather theater sofas"; "lots of tools which he didn't have a clue how to use"; and a "brand new sliding glass door that he never got installed."

Not up for sale would be his clothes, which she was planning to burn. However, she promised that people could see the ashes in the driveway. So pissed I missed this!

The couple had been married for 10 years and it appears things didn't go so well. According to her, hubs had "left his family" for a "piece of trash." She added: "Life is too short to waste time. God put eyes in the front of my head for a reason."

She also said she was putting the house up for sale. Gotta be some good vibes in there, right? This isn't the first time we've seen revenge real estate. And it's an awfully tempting thing to do. But I wouldn't recommend it. He could probably call the cops on her for getting rid of all of his things without permission. Who knows if maybe he'd even get violent with her.

And if the stuff belonged to both of them, he'd have the right to demand half of the money from the sale. Yeah, it sucks that when couples split, the one who did wrong doesn't get punished by the law, but that's the way it is. It's usually the one who takes revenge who gets punished.

But she'll still have a good laugh over it. And that might be worth everything. I hope she puts his reaction on YouTube.

Have you ever taken revenge on a cheater?


Image via Dano/Flickr

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