Firefighter Dad Finds Baby Bears but Won't Let Daughters Keep Them (VIDEO)

Imagine you find three tiny bundles of furry, squealing adorableness inside a cardboard box. Now your two daughters begin clamoring to keep at least one of the cute-astic little fuzzballs. Surely, you'd have a new pet or three, right? Well, maybe not so fast if the roly-poly furballs turned out to be not puppies or kittens -- but BEARS. That's what happened to volunteer fireman Brandon Poole, who was driving with his family in South Carolina, when he saw a box by the side of the road. He stopped, thinking maybe someone had dumped a box full of puppies ...


But when he got closer, he heard squealing and thought maybe it was pigs. Upon closer inspection, Brandon realized he didn't have puppies or pigs in front of him -- but three brown baby bears. No one knows how the bears got into the box.

Thinking they wouldn't survive the cold night, he drove to the local firehouse. By now, his young daughters were in love and wanted to keep at least a couple. Said daughter Dallas:

I thought they were cute and so my sister wanted to keep one and I wanted to keep one.

Thank goodness the father had some common sense and realized he wasn't in a Disney flick. He called the game warden to come get the cubs. Two different rescue groups, Appalachian Bear Rescue in Tennessee and Charles Towne Landing in Charleston, took them in. There, they will be raised until they are old enough and healthy enough to make it in the wild on their own.

Good for Brandon for turning down his kids' requests. I wonder how many dads would have tried to keep just one. This might have worked for awhile, but wouldn't have been much of a life for a fully grown bear. Plus, it could be very dangerous.

It might have been difficult to part with such sweet-looking like cuddle bums, but this family did the right thing. Would you try and keep a bear cub? Check out the cute kids and even cuter cubs here:


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Image via jimbowen0306/Flickr

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