Town Overrun With Vultures Turns Into Real-Life Horror Movie (VIDEO)

If you haven't seen Alfred Hitchcock's classic movie The Birds, you should watch it. But this bird plot would even skeeve out ol' Hitch. A town in New Jersey has been overrun with creepy-looking vultures -- so many of them, in fact, that locals have come up with a unique way of trying to run them out of town: by hanging up dead vultures to scare away the live vultures. So, basically, everywhere you look it's vultures, vultures, vultures, dead or alive. I hope no one in this town is trying to sell their house right now.


At least eight New Jersey towns have called in wildlife experts to help with their sudden vulture problem. Because black and red vultures are protected, you can't just go out and shoot them. And I say, why would you do that anyway? Birds have as much right to be on the planet as you do. Vultures are an important part of the ecosystem -- they act as flying garbage disposals and pick up dead animal carcasses to eat.

But they not only put a damper on a home's look, they leave around "acidic" poop and scare pets. One man says his dog barks at them and then "runs inside as fast as possible." Haha. I'd like that caught on video.

Apparently vultures are not an uncommon sight this time of the year in this part of town -- but never so many. Locals theorize that Hurricane Sandy might be responsible, as their numbers increased right after the superstorm.

So wildlife experts have resorted to stringing up dead vulture carcasses to make the icky-looking birds get outta Dodge. Says one expert: "They don't like seeing their own in that unnatural position."

I wonder if this works with all kinds of animal pests? I've never heard of stringing up a dead mouse in your kitchen to send the other ones scurrying.

Anyway, pretty creepy, right? A town overrun by vultures? Yech. But experts say they'll fly away within a few days and on to deader pastures.

Would this creep you out? Take a look at all the vultures roosting on the McMansions:

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