Woman Returns Dish Four Months Later With Moldy Thanksgiving Leftovers Still in It (PHOTO)

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Sweet Potato CasseroleOne of my huge pet peeves is lending out dishes and storage containers of mine, only to never see them again. No matter how big I write my name on them or how diligent I am about trying to retrieve them, I still end up losing them by the dozen. As frustrating as that is, however, I would much prefer to sacrifice a few rather than encounter what one man did when his sister-in-law returned his casserole dish after Thanksgiving.

First of all, it took her four months to get it back to him. That might have been excusable, except for the fact that it was dirty. Like, REALLY dirty, with half the sweet potato casserole it contained still in it -- FOUR MONTHS LATER. You can imagine the horrible, moldy mess that might be, right? Well, you don't have to just imagine, because the dude posted this picture of it on Reddit. Oh yes, he did.

He posted it two days ago along with a caption that read: "My deadbeat sister-in-law just returned the casserole dish we sent home with her on Thanksgiving. With the sweet potato casserole still in it."

I can't say it strongly enough: Ewwwwwwww! Do you see that picture? Who does that?! Why bother even returning it? She could have lied and said she broke it, or just never mentioned it again. But no, she had to go and return it. Like that.

The user who posted it, "jugglinglivebabies," wrote of her: "She's young and irresponsible. This is actually a great representation of her expecting other people to clean up her messes."

Now I've had people return dishes that weren't necessarily up to my standards of clean, and no matter how sparkling they look, I usually wash them anyway. But to return something like that is revolting; I'm surprised she didn't get sick from the fumes just bringing it back to his house. 

Instead of burning the pan, like I would be inclined to do, he actually cleaned the thing. He wrote: "It wasn't so bad. i just got a big knife and chopped it into smaller chunks and sent it down with some hot-a-- water. Four kids and five years of bartending, it takes a lot to gross me out anymore." Apparently so.

As for him publicly shaming her for this disgusting act -- was that a bit low? Maybe, but I'd say she deserves it ... and then some. Maybe a heaping helping of what she brought him come next Thanksgiving?

What's the grossest thing someone has ever returned to you?


Image via Reddit

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Shandi80 Shandi80

This is equally hilarious and gross. She must really, REALLY dislike her brother-in-law.

mommy... mommyof5cutties


Tripl... TripleC14

Mommyof5, you have issues. The article attributes and links to Reddit. What's the problem??

Anyway, I think he should've posted and tagged her on FB. That would actually be a good public shaming. Clearly she needs it!

Ally Swarrow

Mommyof5cutties...don't you mean "cuties"?

nonmember avatar lennon

That's disgusting. I don't get how she could actually look him in the face and hand him something like that.

Also, wtf is a "cuttie?" You'd think after five of them you'd realize...

kebrowni kebrowni

It's okay, mommyof5cutties. I was thinking the same thing :P

boshs... boshs1andonly

That's so gross. Honestly I prefer you lie and say you broke it or just not mention it again. But I can't imagine keeping a straight face while handing someone a moldy dish they lent me four months ago. 

heydo... heydooney

Somewhere in my house my friend's kid's sippy cup is lurking, still with milk in it. From almost a week ago. When that bastard finally comes out of hiding, I will WASH it and if it still stinks I will WASH it again. Yuck, I can't imagine returning anything that gross.

luvbe... luvbeinamommy68

thats gross! i am part of a mommy group and a church. whenever someone needs it we bring meals. i should be able to get a discount card with how much foil containers i buy lmao!!

bingo... bingogurl

Throw the pan away and put that photo on blast!

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