Mom of 6 Arrested & Kicked Out of Mansion That Wasn't Hers in the First Place

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A mother of six who has been squatting in an empty mansion for a week with her boyfriend and at least two of her children has been arrested. She tried to claim that the mansion, which is worth $3.2 million and sits on four acres, belonged to her and her group, which is called the "Moorish American Nationals." The group -- according to them anyway -- was given the mansion by divine law. Unfortunately for them, authorities that exist here on Earth disagreed that "Allah, the Most High, Creator of the Heavens and Earth" granted them rights to the mansion and the SWAT team moved in and evacuated them. Nice try, y'all!

The mother of six, Tabitha Gentry, filed paperwork in Memphis, Tennessee, saying that the foreclosed 10,000-square-foot mansion with a pool belonged to her and her group because of their "indigenous ancestry." How convenient that they just happen to inherit such a nice abode!

The Moorish American Nationals, which claims Gentry, her boyfriend, Darrin Fleming, Gentry's children, and probably no one else in the entire universe as members, believe that the laws of the country don't apply to them. When Gentry was stopped for a traffic violation last year, she presented the officer with a "sovereign citizen identification card." She still got the ticket.

In all seriousness, it sounds like Gentry has some serious mental issues, and since she has six kids ranging in age from 11 years to 14 months, it's no laughing matter. In fact, two of them were reportedly with Gentry in the mansion -- and it was concern by other family members for the safety of them that led to the SWAT team storming the place with guns

The two children have been placed with relatives. Gentry's family says she used to be a top student and basketball star until Fleming entered her life -- and then she got all caught up in the non-existent Moorish movement, which advocates for "love, truth, peace, freedom, and justice."

And mansions for all. Of course. Next time, Gentry might want to try bagging a Florida home.

What do you think of this group?

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mleil... mleilanim

Moorish like Marish....nightmarish to be exact. Another person attempting to claim entitlement for doing absolutely nothing. Heck, I'm surprised they didnt offer her a cell phone, a new car; I mean she deserves it, right? Moving towards socialism is the goal, right? Why work for anything when the government wants to redish it out for free?!? We reap what we sow. Shes a product of the "politically correct" generation.


This lady makes my skin crawl.

Ausaramunra Bemoor

I'm a Moorish Sovereign... if you want to know more about it you can ask me. send email to or

Ausaramunra Bemoor

I am a natural born sovereign of the Moorish Empire; my Moorish ancestors have lived in this land for thousands of years. My nation Morocco is one of the first countries to recognize the independence of the United States of America and in 1787 a Treaty of Peace and Friendship was signed in Marrakech Morocco and ratified in 1836. It is still in force making it the longest unbroken treaty in the U.S.A. history.


I'm a Moorish Sovereign... if you want to know more about it you can ask me. send email to or

Ausaramunra Bemoor

Corporations pollute our land, air, water and all. Then when the corporation can’t make any more profit they abandoned the land and leave it polluted. These corporations are not human; it doesn't care about the earth or future generations. Look at the news the Earth is being destroyed. To pretend like you just a citizen & you obey anything the corporations says so you can keep a job. It’s not right, the future generations deserve better than this. We must take responsibility for our land, air, water and all. We can’t continue to allow the corporations to go unchecked destroying everything in their path then abandoning it. Tabitha Gentry is like Rosa Parks one of the first people to say "this is not right" we the people should do something. That building polluted & took a huge amount of resources from the Earth and then it’s left abandoned doing nothing for the Earth, Humanity or anything. She came and allowed her children to live in the building for a week then at least it’s polluting for a reason & not such a huge waste of resources. Corporations are not human; we the humans must take responsibility for the Earth & humanity.......

nonmember avatar jody

"indigenous ancestroy" in MOOR. go squat in a mansion in Morrocco. Indians are indigenous here.

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