Bring Green Into Your Home Before Spring Even Starts!

Terrariums are the best way to add a little green to your surroundings with a minimal amount of effort -- no green thumb required! The best part is that you can build a terrarium out of just about any kind of container as long as you have the basics on hand. That cool geometric cube terrarium above is from Etsy seller ABJ Glassworks and comes with a simple starter kit, plants included.  

I've pulled together a few more fabulous terrarium inspirations and ideas for you to browse through below.


Spruce up a simple glass bowl with a splash of spray paint and add some air plants to make a planter like this one for yourself.

Pretty little pansies in a tiny little terrarium. I love it!  

Do you have any cool shells hanging around from past vacations? Put them to use in a pretty terrarium just like this. Gorgeous, right? 

If you're a tea drinker like me, no doubt you've got a stash of these cute tins somewhere. I keep thinking I need to find something great to use them for and here it is: a terrarium planter!

A hanging globe terrarium like this just might be my favorite -- simple and sweet! 

I'm anxious to get my fingers in the dirt (hello spring, are you here yet?), and a project like this will help curb that urge a bit and leave a few pretties hanging around as well. Seems like a great solution to me!

What do you think? Would you decorate with terrariums or does it sound like too much work?

Images via Houzz, Luulla, Makezine, Wunderbar, Casa Sugar

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