6 Celebrities Who Have Suddenly Been Homeless (PHOTOS)

Robert PattinsonEven though we assume they have unlimited bank accounts and never have to worry about finding an adequate place to live -- there are quite a few celebrities who have found themselves "homeless" at one point or another.

Whether it be because they were traveling too much to settle down in one place, evicted from their houses or lost them to foreclosure, or were victims of natural disasters -- famous folks aren't exempt from being kicked to the curb.

Heck, even Robert Pattinson admitted having no place to live on Jimmy Kimmel Live after he sold the home he once shared with Kristen Stewart. Instead of having a house at that point, he told Kimmel, "No, I rented this archway and I just lived behind it. In one of those trash cans."

Ok, so it's obvious he was joking. But he was still "homeless," in a sense.

And he's not alone.

Here are five other celebrities who lost their homes and had to resort to plan B.


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LostS... LostSoul88

you mean they are human too and have real life situations happen to them?

melis... meliscool72

I can understand the weather making them homeless and such. However, they got millions of dollars and kept up with their finances, but can buy expensive cars and houses, but when it comes down to it it seems like they can't keep up with their fianances. I am wondering why not buy a $50,000 house if you know you are just going to be kicked out of your million dollar estate anyhow. And the IRS thing, just pay the damn thing and you wouldn't get kicked out in the first place. We poor folk pay our taxes every year (well most of us) and we still find ways to pay our mortgages and such.

nonmember avatar Autsu

Uh... living in a trailer is not "homeless." That's normal life for a LOT of people.

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