Creepy Real Estate Agent Caught Going Through Woman's Drawers & What He's Accused of Is Weirder (VIDEO)

real estate agentWhen you put your house up for sale, you put a certain amount of trust in your real estate agent. You trust he'll get you a fair price. You trust he won't share any of your personal information. And you trust that he won't steal the lady of the house's clothes. Because that's uber creepy. But nonetheless, these things happen. Yep, even the last. A 60-year-old real estate agent named Stephen Brumme has just been accused of stealing women's clothing from a house for sale in Arlington, Virginia. And the whole weird thing's been caught on video. Dude just waltzes into the master bedroom, opens some dresser drawers, and goes to town. It ... ugh, just gives you the willies. And it'll make you question every real estate agent who's ever alone in your house.


Check out the video:


I'm in the process of looking for a house right now, and I've gotta say, even though I'm the looker, the whole thing is just odd. I know it's part of the process, but a bunch of strangers are just parading around your house while you're not there! It's a little ooky. And I admit, I totally look at all the photos people have in frames and on the wall. I've looked in cabinets (to see if they're old/gross). I've even opened refrigerators if it's included in the house! The whole process is violating for a seller.

These people were smart to have a camera in their house. I wouldn't have thought to do this myself, but if you're going to have a bunch of strangers parading in and out of your home, seems like a good idea. I'm sure they didn't expect to find anyone going through their drawers, no less a real estate agent, but now they know. Sorry guys. And ew, Stephen Brumme. You nasty.

Have you ever sold your house?


Image via arlingtonnews/YouTube

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