Swimming Cat Makes News Anchor Laugh Uncontrollably & We Can't Blame Her (VIDEO)

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swimming catRule: Cats don't like to get wet. Exception: Holly, a 13-year-old kitty who's a bit different. See, apparently she doesn't care for "the outdoors." She doesn't care for "physical activity" of any kind, in fact ... except swimming. Whatever floats your ... fat cat self, I guess.

Naturally the thought of a swimming kitty is funny in and of itself. I mean, wet cats are notoriously hilarious to look at. I am displeased and indignant! But what's REALLY funny is watching a news anchor attempt to deliver a straight-faced report on a swimming kitty ... and fail miserably.

WDBJ7 Virginia's Susan Bahorich really did try to narrate Holly's inspirational weight-loss tale without dissolving into gut-busting laughter, but ... well, come on. News anchors are people too!

Here's what happened:

HAHAHAHA!!! Can you blame the woman for losing it? I think we can safely assume that "swimming cats" weren't the reason Bahorich got into the TV news biz. That clip would throw anybody off.

Did this video make you laugh?





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the4m... the4mutts

LoL that's funny

fleur... fleurdelys3110

This put a smile on my face. Funny!

abra819 abra819

In a pool prima, calm down.

Her laugh was so contagious lol

.LoVe... .LoVeMyBuG.

Funny... but in the sad world we live in watch her get in trouble for being "unprofessional". 

mande... manderspanders

As a proud mommy to my baby Tilly cat, who's 9 years old and weighs 16lbs, I find it to be hilarious! I only wish I could get her to do something like this!

Patti... Pattiann236

This was very funny, the news anchorwoman cracked me up.  Lighten up folks

Marilyn Straughn

Prima you should search for an entire bottle! The news clip explaines it! Maybe you should find some ADD meds too!

Indig... IndigoRose

The look on the cats face!  I don't know if she really likes swimming or not, but it is funny!

my4ki... my4kids274

I love the look on the cats face!  That is hilarious.  Our cat does not like getting a bath but if my oldest son tells her to go and sit in the shower stall she slowly will walk in there and sit down and wait to be washed.  She will only do this for my son though.  lol.  The silly thing though is that if I tell her to sit and I tell her she is getting brushed she will sit there looking irked while I do it but she deals with it.  Cats are silly creatures.  Only if they could speak.  Imagine what they would say.  lol

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