Swimming Cat Makes News Anchor Laugh Uncontrollably & We Can't Blame Her (VIDEO)

swimming catRule: Cats don't like to get wet. Exception: Holly, a 13-year-old kitty who's a bit different. See, apparently she doesn't care for "the outdoors." She doesn't care for "physical activity" of any kind, in fact ... except swimming. Whatever floats your ... fat cat self, I guess.

Naturally the thought of a swimming kitty is funny in and of itself. I mean, wet cats are notoriously hilarious to look at. I am displeased and indignant! But what's REALLY funny is watching a news anchor attempt to deliver a straight-faced report on a swimming kitty ... and fail miserably.


WDBJ7 Virginia's Susan Bahorich really did try to narrate Holly's inspirational weight-loss tale without dissolving into gut-busting laughter, but ... well, come on. News anchors are people too!

Here's what happened:

HAHAHAHA!!! Can you blame the woman for losing it? I think we can safely assume that "swimming cats" weren't the reason Bahorich got into the TV news biz. That clip would throw anybody off.

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