Gorgeous Westminster Show Dog Mysteriously Dies & Owners Think He Was Poisoned

cruzA prizewinning show dog has died mysteriously. And while the police haven't called it, I'm gonna just say -- I think the dog was murdered! Cruz, a 3-year-old Samoyed, competed in his first Westminster show this year and was at another competition in Colorado a few days later when he suddenly died. Both Cruz's co-owner and his trainer suspect the dog was poisoned.

Cruz was at the competition when he became sick and started vomiting blood. He was rushed to a vet, where he died from internal hemorrhaging. Poor thing! His co-owner and handler say he's never alone, so they don't know how this could have happened. But ... who would deliberately poison such an adorable puffball of a dog like Cruz?


Here's the other thing I find odd: After Cruz died, they cremated his body. So now they can't perform an autopsy. Did everything happen so fast that the co-owner didn't suspect foul play until after they'd cremated? Because you'd think they'd want to hang onto the body a little longer. And what about the other co-owner? Why are we only hearing from one?

According to experts, Cruz's illness sounds like he ingested rat poison. The dog couldn't have accidentally eaten the poison because he was staying at a hotel that doesn't use rat poison, and was never walked in the park. Other experts say Cruz could have just had cancer.

Meanwhile, you'll never guess who Cruz's handler, Robert Chaffin, suspects must have poisoned the dog: Not a competitor, but an animal rights activist! Chaffin says a man at the show "was just scowling at me and telling me how cruel I was." Whaaaat?

I don't know -- that's a bananas kind of thing for an animal rights activist to do, up there with pro-life activists who kill doctors. People can do crazy things, but it's definitely NOT the kind of thing a typical animal rights person would do. But Chaffin can't imagine any of his competitors would poison any dog because they're all such dog lovers. So what happened? It's just so weird that a dog could be surrounded by so much love and be murdered.


What do you think happened to Cruz?


Image via ABC News

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