Kim Kardashian, Her Baby Bump & Kanye West May Be Moving Out of the Country!

Eiffel TowerGet outta town -- or get out of the country, I guess we should say. There's a new rumor floating around that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West may be moving to Paris, and honestly, it really doesn't sound all that far-fetched or impossible.

According to the Daily Mirror, Kanye wants to move to Paris to "work on his music and fashion line," and Kim apparently doesn't mind going with him.

Paris? As in Paris, France? That's really, really far from the rest of the Kardashian crew. Why would Kim even consider moving to Paris with a baby on the way?

Yes, of course there's a catch.


Kanye supposedly only plans on residing there for a couple months, so I'm guessing they'd be back in L.A. in plenty of time to have the baby.

Ahh. A little extended vacation in Paris. That sure sounds nice, doesn't it? Actually, moving to a foreign city for some of the duration of her pregnancy may be the best thing that ever happened to Kim. While Kanye is "working on his music and fashion line," she can take in the sights and smells of the City of Light and immerse herself in Parisian culture.

She can hole up in the swanky hotel suite they'll likely be calling home, order room service, let someone else make her bed (because you know she makes her own at home), and not concern herself with things like tidying up the house or decorating the nursery.

And she can go for long walks around the city and do the whole tourist thing, which sounds so enjoyable right about now that I sort of wish I was Kim Kardashian. (If the report about them moving over there is true, of course.)

Oh, and odds are good there won't be quite as many paparazzi following Kimye around over there, which is another huge plus.

Hmm. If this story is false, it should at least make Kim and Kanye think seriously about taking a little hiatus from L.A. for a bit. It could turn out to be one of the smartest moves they ever make.

Would you ever move to another country, even for a short time?


Image via Terrazzo/Flickr

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