Titanic Will Set Sail Again but Are You Brave Enough to Board?


The Titanic will sail again. I'm not talking about a sequel resurrecting Leonardo DiCaprio's beloved Jack Dawson. There is an actual replica of the famous ship in the works, and it will take the same doomed route as the original, from England's Southampton to New York's West Side.

An Australian billionaire is building the Titanic II and plans to re-create every single aspect of the ill-fated vessel, including design, decor, and one surprising detail that many would-be passengers will not be happy about.


The ship will include a Turkish bath and an elaborate staircase just as the original did. It will certainly be an amazing experience for all those longtime Titanic movie fans. Your Jack and Rose fantasies can come true as you roam the historic-looking decks. Reportedly, a first class cabin will go for $1 million.

Keeping true to the stuffy era, the boat will even have separate classes. And get this -- there is no mingling among them. So, you are either among the affluent, tux-wearing set or the beer swilling, down-to-earth bunch. What is this, 1912? Oh, well, I guess that's the point. A truly authentic Titanic experience calls for it, according to these folks. But who wants to pay to be confined to the "poor" part of the ship? No thanks. It didn't work out so well for the first group, now did it.

Though, there is one part of the storied history everyone hopes will not happen again. That's the sinking to the bottom of the sea bit, of course. When asked if this version of the ship will be "unsinkable" as the advertisers of the first one claimed, its financier said no. As far as he is concerned, anything will sink if you put a hole in it. Not exactly comforting, is it?

Would you take a ride on the Titanic II?


Image via daveparker/Flickr

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