Stunning 'Kourtney & Kim Take Miami' Mansion for Sale for Unbelievable Price (VIDEO)

KardashiansWant to keep up with the Kardashians, literally? Well, if you have $14.5 million lying around, you can scoop up the fantabulous Miami home in which they recently filmed Kourtney and Kim Take Miami.

If you recall, South Beach banned the brunette beauties, and so this is where they ended up. While the snub may have hurt, they landed somewhere pretty darn sweet. The home is 16,500 square feet and contains 8 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms, which is ... a lot of bathrooms. The Wall Street Journal has a video with some photos of the home, and if you want to sit and daydream about a life of luxury, it's pretty amazing ... or depressing, depending on how you're feeling. Check it out after the jump.


Some other amazing features -- there's a massage room, a sun deck, and a billiards room. The views are sick, and you can see Bal Harbour, Indian Creek Island, Miami Beach, and downtown Miami from the 340 feet of water frontage. If not for that little problematic price tag, it sounds just perfect. Sigh.

The thing I'm wondering though is -- does it make the home worth more or less that the Kardashians lived there? Is that a selling point, or kind of like learning that someone died in the home of your dreams and it kills it for you?

While they have their fans, my guess is that people who have $14 million sitting around aren't really among them. Maybe I'm being stereotypical here, but I'd like to think people with that kind of cash might have better things to do than care about the Kardashians. Now me, being the celebrity gossip monger I am, would love to boast that I live where they filmed, but I'm guessing someone who could actually buy the house might not feel the same way. 

Do you think the fact that the Kardashians lived in the home would add value or detract from it?


Image via The Jills

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