Firefighters Rescue Puppies From Devastating Fire But Sadly, Many More Die (VIDEO)

puppy fireSad news, animal lovers. A Miami strip mall fire killed 30 puppies. I know! Horrible. No one likes to hear about puppies dying. It's so awful. Apparently, most of the puppies were French and English bulldogs. You know how bulldogs' distinctive noses and muzzles already cause respiratory problems? Well, the puppies died of smoke inhalation. So awful.

The bulldog puppies go for around $2,000 each, and the owner did not have insurance, so you can imagine what an expensive loss this is. Who cares about the money, though -- the owner says he doesn't care about that as much as the dogs. So many helpless animals died a terrible death. But! There is a little glimmer of hope in this story. Firefighters were able to rescue a handful of the puppies.


"We did pull out several cages that had about seven or eight puppies," said Miami Fire Rescue Lieutenant Ignatius Carroll. Lucky dogs. Unfortunately, by the time firemen got to the store, it was already too late for most of the dogs.

So if you have a dog -- or a cat -- give them some extra love today. And make sure you're not increasing your chances for a fire in your own home! Investigators are looking into what caused the strip mall fire (it roared through several stores) and remind us that we should be careful not to overload electrical outlets.

I don't have any pets at the moment, but my neighbors do. I wonder what would happen to their pets if the building caught on fire while they're away. I hope we never find out.


Do you have a plan for your pets in case of fire?


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