10 People Who Make Flying More Miserable Than a Screaming Child

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flightThere are times in my life that I have been the most hated person on the plane. Just about every mom knows this feeling. You can see the daggers shoot out of other passengers' eyes as soon as they spot you have a baby in tow.

People just hate flying with kids. It's a mix of annoyance and fear as they pray you don't take a seat anywhere near theirs. It's as though you've ruined their day just by the fact you exist. I'll admit that once upon a time, I used to groan at the realization that a mother and child were to be seated in my row. It's natural not to want to be disturbed. But kids aren't the only irksome seatmates. In fact, I say there are 10 types of passengers much worse than a cranky baby.

  1. The Foot Fiend. When you first sit down next to him, there isn't a hint there will be a problem. But as soon as the plane hits its top altitude and the fasten seat belt sign turns off, he slips off his shoes and poisons the cabin with his outrageously stinky feet.
  2. The Gum Smacker. It's like a cow chewing cud. And God help you if she's an incessant gum popper too.
  3. The DJ. You can hear every single verse as the music blares from his ear buds. You think, "It's a wonder he's not deaf," as you are forced to listen to punk rock for two hours.
  4. The Drunk. Clearly this guy had a few before boarding and is keeping his buzz going with the in-flight selection of booze. He smells like a frat house on a Sunday morning. It's even worse if he happens to be a chatty drunk.
  5. The Up-Chucker. Those air-sickness bags are there for a reason, but you just hope no one in your aisle ever actually needs one. Whether it's due to a hangover or turbulence, it's just totally gross.
  6. The Farter. It's like a stealth attack. You don't know where it came from, but it decimates the entire cabin.
  7. The Persistent Potty Goer. She gets up to go to the bathroom 10 times. She even has the nerve to indulge in the beverage service twice. If this person is in the window seat, you won't get a moment's peace.
  8. The Spreader. Despite the fact you are uncomfortably squeezed into the middle seat, this guy spreads out his legs, rudely invading your space.
  9. The Loud Talker. She's two rows away and you can still hear her. As she goes on and on about her trip or some other equally annoying dribble, all you want to do is tell her to "shut up!"
  10. The Petri Dish. The tissues crumpled up in his hand and the red nose are the first telltale signs -- this guy is sick and probably contagious. Great. Every time he coughs and sneezes, you envision all those microscopic germs flying at your face. Ugh!

What other annoying types of passengers have you encountered when traveling?


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Truel... Truelove77

Scary glad I dont fly....or take public transportation.

Pinkmani Pinkmani

The too friendly person: The person that sits next to you and tries to hold a conversation

The sweaty person: I know they can't help it

The obsessive overhead compartment checker

This goes along with "the spreader", and I know this is going to offend/upset some people, but the overweight/obese person. When your thighs are touching mine I am uncomfortable. I know some people can't help it, but it is still uncomfortable. 

lulou lulou

One flight had apocalypse guy complete with religious quotes, plans for sinners, etc, but yet, he almost seemed to be hitting on his seatmate, who he was blathering to. Now that I think of it, maybe it was kind of some mindgame to get her to go out with him. He was on a business trip, I knew all this because he was also the loudtalker talking over my headphones.

nonmember avatar Bladesmith

The salesman. Las Vegas to St Louis is long enough without 4 hours of being sold tools for my shop.

That being said, anyone who flies regularly will unintentionally be a pain eventually. Years ago I flew next to a couple with an infant. The wife warned me she was going to nurse during takeoff. When she said "It's to help the baby's ears" I said the first thing that popped into my head. My response? "Darn! And all these years I've just been chewing gum". Made the flight a teeny bit uncomfortable after that.

Evaly... EvalynCarnate

 My fat thighs might squish into the arm rest a little, but when half of some one's lap top is in MY lap, and your sleeping head keeps flopping on my shoulder..THATS uncomfortable. >.<

nonmember avatar Lexi jordan

The spreader is one of the worst! your legs shouldn't extend past the edges of your seat. The Up-chucker sucks too, it's mostly never the person's fault & it sucks they are sick but even if I feel completely fine, if someone pukes, so do I lol.
The worst one though, the Hygienically Challenged: shower and put deodorant on before you fly! There is nothing worse than sitting beside someone who smells like yesterday's gym clothes!You know you are going to be in close quarters with ppl, try not to suffocate them with your body odors!

heydo... heydooney

The shower avoider...

Jennifer Grasso-Reinhart

how about the kid that kicks your seat for an entire 3 hour flight after you asked the mother politely to stop her kid from doing so. 


Crissi Langwell

How about the passenger who thinks nothing of eating his half bruised banana right next to you? Nothing like smelling banana the whole flight home.

Zadidoll Zadidoll

The Spreader. Despite the fact you are uncomfortably squeezed into the middle seat, this guy spreads out his legs, rudely invading your space.

OMG THAT type of person drives me INSANE! I always choose a window seat because at least I can lean into the window. I've had so many people - mainly men - who hog up not only their own space my lean into me. The worst are the ones who fall asleep, snore (which I have to keep myself from smoothering them) and start leaning more and more into me. The last time I flew I had to change planes twice and both times had some jerk sit next to me who constantly pushed into my shoulder and hog up the arm rest and I admit I finally snapped with the last guy and nudged him right back when he leaned into me ESPECIALLY since I already was leaning into the freaking window!

The time before that on my way home from Vegas I had a kid kick and kick my seat and the mother refused to do anything. I finally asked to move into the empty seat across from me and two seats up. It was horrible especially since my back was killing me.

The other type of person I can't stand. The person who reclines his/her seat all the way back. I'm sorry but there IS SOMEONE SITTING BEHIND YOU!

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