LeAnn Rimes & Eddie Cibrian Buy New $3 Million Mansion Just in Time for Baby (PHOTOS)

Mary Hawkins | Feb 21, 2013 Home & Garden

leann rimes houseAww. Eddie Cibrian and LeAnn Rimes just bought a $3 million mansion in Hidden Hills, California (where all the cool kids live), which was a total steal considering the desirability of the neighborhood.

Trulia reports that the 8,600-square-foot Spanish-style home was listed as a short sale, so the Cibrians definitely scooped it up for a lot less cash than it would've cost them had it been a regular listing.

And with six bedrooms and nine bathrooms in the home, it's fairly clear what's probably going on here.

Um, they have to be thinking about expanding their family and having kids of their own, right? There are already rumors flying that the couple might be expecting due to LeAnn's noticeably fuller figure, and now that they've purchased this new pad fit for a growing family? I'd say odds are good she'll be sporting a baby bump in the near future. (Man. That'll really piss Brandi Glanville off.)

In the meantime, the two kids Eddie has with Brandi will love hanging out at their dad's new place. It has a gorgeous swimming pool in the backyard, along with a playscape and a great yard to run around in.

And the home also has its own guest house, but somehow I'm guessing Eddie and LeAnn won't offer it up to Brandi to stay over when the kids are visiting. (Who knows? Maybe someday they'll be one big happy family. HA!)

I have to admit, I usually find myself feeling a little bit sorry for LeAnn because of how much heat she takes in the media, but for once, I'm over-the-top envious of her.

And you probably will be too after seeing more photos of the home. It really is gorgeous -- to the point where I can't come up with anything remotely snarky to say about it.

Check it out!

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