Heartbreaking Photo of Man & His Caged Dog Goes Viral & What Happens Next Is Amazing (VIDEO)

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When Dave Thomas was jailed for a few days for unpaid traffic tickets, he probably didn't expect his dog would end up jailed too -- at the San Bernardino, California pound. Thomas said that cops rounded up his faithful pooch, Buzz Lightyear, and brought him to a local animal shelter. And unless Dave could come up with the $400 needed to release him, Buzz would likely end up in a euthanasia tank. But an angel was looking over Dave and Buzz on the day Dave said goodbye to his beloved pit mix at the pound -- and that angel was a complete stranger named Maria Sanchez. If you don't have any tissues handy, might want to grab some. This is a five-hanky post.

Maria, a photographer who oftens takes photos dogs at the shelter to try and find them homes, saw Dave and Buzz's heartbreaking scene -- Dave weeping as he held the dog's paw and kissed him through the bars. She took some pics and then posted them on her Facebook page, pleading for people to donate to help Dave get his pooch back.

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Within days, strangers pledged enough cash to spring the doomed Buzz. But now Maria had another problem -- she needed to find Dave, since she hadn't exchanged any contact information with him.

She spent time handing out flyers in the neighborhood -- to no avail. But then a local TV station managed to track down Dave. When Maria told him the news, Dave broke down again -- this time with tears of gratitude. "God bless you, darlin'," Dave told Maria over the phone. Pledges are now up to $2,000. Hopefully some of that will go to other shelter dogs.

The pair were reunited, thanks to Maria, who couldn't stand by and let a man and his best friend be separated forever. Are you weeping yet?

Editor's Note: Unfortunately, heartwarming stories like this one often aren't as simple as they appear. Dave turns out to be not so grateful for Maria's incredible act of help. I hope she doesn't let this stop her from helping others. If Buzz could talk, no doubt he would say "thank you."


Image via Maria Sanchez/Facebook

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nonmember avatar Stephanie.r.e

@Julie a large bag of dog food is what, $15-50 depending on brand? That'll last a month maybe longer with only one dog. That's a hell of a difference then $400 at one time. I don't know about where he lives but where I live veterinary clinics have monthly reduced price shots that are practically a steal. They are so popular they are held in the parking lot with crazy lines. Just because he's not carrying around $400 does NOT mean he shouldn't have a dog.

easun... easunshine

Holy shit has this situation become a mess!! That poor woman. :(

CPN322 CPN322

I hope this doesn't discourage her from helping others in the future :( these people sound absolutely awful. The fact that he is demaning the money in cash(having personally known addicts) is a huge red flag.

nonmember avatar NCC

Why on Earth was there any further discussion on how much money was raised? This truly is super sweet but the money was raised for the dog, not the man. She should've stopped taking any donations once she reached the amount needed. Hope this doesn't change her outlook on helping people. Whatever she had extra should've gone to other strays in the first place. Happy the dog got out.

nonmember avatar ShayDoo

Everyone missed the part where it turns out Dave is an un greatful jerk. Bless Maria!

Alli Bratcher-Wescott

Man... At first I thought this was so incredibly sweet, but read the update. Apparently this guy and his wife are awful, ungrateful people who are clearly very upset over not getting all of the donation money --an amount that well-exceeded the need to get the dog out, feed him, etc-- because they are drug addicts. I hope they get the treatment they need. I'm not saying they don't love their dog, but they have a child and I just can't bear to think of what that child has to through with two drug-addicted parents. *sigh* So sad all around.

Hyman Hyman

Ok. I got ready eyed. I have a sensitive heart for sheltered dogs and its nice to see people come together

Jamie... Jamie1972

Its awesome that this lady was able to help. But unfortunately the guy is an ungrateful prick,. He's going to sue her because she wont give him all the money raised.

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