Check Out This Creative Spin on Picture Hangers (VIDEO)

Finding a creative way to hang art is always a challenge. Nothing highlights your style or livens up a room more than nicely displayed prints or photos, however.

On the latest episode of Make It Fabulous, Andee shows us how to turn simple pant hangers into fancy mounts for pictures. A viewer asked for suggestions about how to hang vintage prints she'd inherited from her grandmother in her laundry room, and Andee came up with this idea, which plays off the laundry room theme using the hangers, spray paint, and glitter that looks a bit like bubbles. Check out the video below to see how she transforms them!



To decorate the hangers, she spray-painted the wood part of the hangers using colors she had already used in the laundry room (you could also use contrasting colors that appear in the prints).  Once they're dry, you run a bead of glue around the edges of the hangers and apply the glitter.

To mount the prints, Andee used canvases (you can find these in an arts and crafts store), cut the prints to size using an Exacto knife, and then mounted them on the canvas using spray adhesive.

To hang, she clamped the edge of the canvas into the hanger and staggered them on the wall.

I can think of some fun ways to adapt this technique if glitter isn't your style. You could use small river stones across all of the wood part (how cool would that look with a print of a beach scene?) or collage decorative paper or ribbon onto it. You could also hang them right by the ceiling and instead of prints, swag fabric between two or more hangers. With a little creativity, the possibilities are endless.

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How do you like to hang art?

Image via CafeMom Studios

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