5 Reasons Why We Wouldn't Buy Tom Cruise's Condo

tom cruise condoThose ch-ch-changes keep on coming for Mr. Tom Cruise! His latest move was an actual move -- out of the East Village in NYC. The 50-year-old star just sold his 2,200 square feet condo in the celeb-filled American Felt building -- one of his first homes -- for a reported $3 million to an unknown buyer. Why? Cruise hasn't given a reason for the sale, but considering he spent time in the 2 bedroom, 2 bath condo with at least 2 of his ex-wives (Nicole Kidman and Katie Holmes), I'm guessing too many bad memories might have something to do with his decision.

At least the new resident won't have to worry about being haunted by the Ghosts of Tom Cruise's Marriages Past. But what about all the other things Cruise might leave behind? No way I'd drop $3 million bucks on his old digs. Here are a few of the reasons why:


1. Nobody wants to sit on couches that are completely destroyed from the constant jumping up and down.

2. Talking mirrors in every room would be seriously creepy. "You're the fairest of them all, Tom."

3. That secret Scientology interrogation room would make anybody paranoid.

4. The living room is kind of dark, mostly because that huge "Xenu Is My Co-Pilot" stained-glass window doesn't let much light in.

5. Sure, "Old Time Rock n' Roll" is a classic song, but would you really want to hear it play EVERY time somebody rang the doorbell?

Would you want to buy Tom Cruise's condo?

Image via Splash

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