Sharon Osbourne's Exploding Candle Horror Made Her Take Drastic Measures at Home

Candles are lovely. They make great gifts. They smell good. They create a romantic and relaxing atmosphere. And they can burn your house down! Sharon Osbourne has revealed that she's banned all candles from her home after a summer candle accident that left her husband, Ozzy, injured. Apparently Sharon had left some candles burning downstairs -- horribly dumb move -- and then she awoke to the sound of her dogs barking and the smell of smoke.


Sharon raced downstairs to see that a candle had burst and the glass was crackling with the sound of fire. Before the fire department could arrive, Sharon and Ozzy tried to put it out themselves. Sharon rushed to get water, but this only caused the flames to spread. Water on oil is never a good idea. Ozzy ended up having his hair and hands burned, and required hand surgery.

Sharon now says there are no candles allowed in her house -- and she'll only see them in church. (Sharon in church?!) Yikes, this was quite a lesson, but it could have been much worse. I can't believe Sharon would leave candles burning when she wasn't in the room -- especially with dogs in the house. One of them could have easily knocked a candle over.

I'm also surprised Sharon doesn't have a fire extinguisher. Plus, it sounds like she doesn't have a smoke alarm?! She says it was the sound of her dogs barking and the sound of the candle exploding that woke her up.

I only ever burn candles if they're on my dining table and I'm sitting there eating. And then I put them out the minute dinner is over. As the survivor of a few fires (none of which I started, by the way), I'm extremely cautious about anything that can cause fire. I don't even have Christmas lights. I too once had a candle explode on me as well.

I also keep a fire extinguisher by my kitchen, and check my fire alarm batteries every few months. Of course, none of this can absolutely save me from a fire. But candles burning and I'm not in the room? Nope, nope, nope. Candles are beautiful but nothing to mess around with.

Do you burn candles?


Image via armin_vogel/Flickr


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