'Monkey Face' Dog Banana Joe Is the Cutest Best in Show Winner Ever (VIDEO)

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Banana Joe Affenpinscher winnerI nearly fell over this morning after seeing Banana Joe on Today. No, he's not Bazooka Joe's comic strip brother -- Banana Joe is a 5-year-old Affenpinscher and the winner of the 137th annual Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show at Madison Square Garden Tuesday night, and man is he too cute for words. The little guy has such a little smushed face and despite, he's smiling like crazy on top of the doggy world!

According to his handler Ernesto Lara, Banana Joe has won shows in the past but "none like this one." Judges said he was presented in immaculate manner, that he's in perfect condition with a perfect body. The Best in Show runner-up? Swagger, a 20-month-old English sheepdog.

Just wait until you see this guy in action. Be prepared to fall in L-O-V-E.

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Yeah, I told you he was cute. What a hot dog (pun intended). 

I never had a dog growing up. But I do know that if I was going to take the plunge and get one now -- I'd go for a breed similar to Joe. Small, lovable, and too-cute. I love his squished in face, and according to his handler, he's "like a human," a very comical dog who "like any comedian, when he's in a situation, he doesn't think its funny." A dog who will be your companion AND makes you laugh? Sounds like a YES in my book.

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm gonna go Google photos of Affenpinschers for the rest of the afternoon.

Are you as obsessed with Banana Joe as I am? Did you watch the Westminster Dog Show last night?


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nonmember avatar Ann

I have an affenpinscher - she has been my little love for 14 years. She is the smartest creature EVER. But a word to the wise - smart does not make her an easy pet! Affenpinscher's are loyal but choosy. They are willful and stubborn and they have to be convinced to like children. They are cute but not cuddly. If you're willing to put the work in and don't mind being a servant to your dog, then an affenpinscher is for you!


Pretty much what the commentator said last night Ann. Lol. I loved Swagger,I just have a thing for big dogs especially when they think they're a lap dog and try to get in your lap.

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