5 Awesome Websites For Last-Minute Travel Deals

nice, franceIf you're sick of the drab, gloomy, freezing, no-good, horrible winter weather say, "I." "Iiiiiiiiiii." Ugh, it's the worst. I am so ready for summer. But since summer's still not for a few months away, a quick getaway may be in order. Nothing crazy. Nothing that costs a million dollars. Just a little something to mix up the overall blah of my winter routine (and hopefully something that involves a little sunshine).

If you've been debating taking a last-minute trip, I have the perfect website for you. Actually, make that websites. Here are five fantastic websites for last-minute travel deals.


Lastminutetravel.com. Doesn't get much more specific than this. Last Minute Travel specializes in discounts on flights, cars, hotels, cruises, etc. And if you're unsure of where you want to go, and just know you want to get the heck out of dodge, they have a "deals" tab that highlights super cheap last minute trips.

Priceline.com. Priceline has a "Great Last Minute Deals" section that features, well, great last minute deals. At the time of typing this, there's a flight from Baltimore, Maryland to Los Angeles, California for $150! That's cray!

Living Social Escapes. Living Social falls into the "flash site" category (as does Groupon). Find random, last minute (really good) deals on places you might not have thought about going to.

Jetsetter. Another flash site (owned by Gilt, actually), except this one specializes in travel. You need to sign up for Jetsetter (it takes 2 seconds), but there are truly awesome deals for places both in your area and beyond. Do it.

Orbitz. Another big travel website that has a "Deals" tab. Actually, right now, they're having a "winter hotel sale" that offers deep discounts on warm weather destinations. Fifty-five percent off on hotels in the Caribbean? Yes, please.

Are you taking a winter getaway?


Image via Nicole Fabian-Weber

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