Melissa & Joe Gorga's 'Fake' Luxury Lifestyle Will Surely End in Financial Disaster

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Melissa & Joe GorgaHave you heard the big news? Melissa and Joe Gorga are moving to "a better zip code" -- you know, because not all zip codes in the state of New Jersey (or anywhere else for that matter) are created equal.

An "insider" has offered up a few explanations for why they are choosing to move out of their current home in favor of renting in a fancier neighborhood.

A.) Melissa wants to "one up" Teresa Giudice. (Really? Imagine that.)

B.) Melissa and Joe may possibly get kicked out of the home they live in now, so they kind of have to move out.

C.) The move is nothing but a desperate attempt to "cover up" their financial woes.

Hmm. All of those reasons sound fairly viable. But whatever the case may be for Melissa and Joe trading up their zip code, I think the general consensus will be that it's a bad decision no matter how you look at it.

First of all, renting one house when you're paying a mortgage on another can be pretty taxing on your bank account, even when you're a reality TV star. Sure, it sounds like a fun idea and all, but considering the source says, "Melissa and Joe are borrowing money left and right just to stay afloat," adding another huge expense into the mix just seems like a horrible idea.

And then there are the claims about the two of them being in serious debt. Supposedly back in 2007, the couple took out a $2,250,000 mortgage on the home, which they only initially paid $450,000 for. Um, I'm no math whiz, but something just doesn't add up there, right?

Yeah, Melissa and Joe may be able to fake living a luxury lifestyle for the sake of the Real Housewives camera crew, but at some point, their real lifestyle is going to catch up with the fake one. When that happens, they may find themselves in a financial hole so deep, they'll never be able to dig out.

Do you think renting a new pad is a good plan for these two?


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Sterl... SterlingHeart

I think living in a low cost trailer park with a double wide is a better plan for these two -- ashamed at all who watched them on tv -- just shame! 

Michael Fullmer

Does the author of this "article" not know anything about real estate?  What doesn't "add up" about their current house?  It was complete in 2009 and they purchased the lot for $450,000.  Looking at the finishes and size of the home, a $2,25M loan is not unreasonable for it.

**rolls eyes***

Joanne Hester

Can't talk dirt about Teresa and Joe when they are making some big mistakes of their own.

white... whiteragland

Please respect Melissa and Joe Gorga alone.... I love them dearly they are cute couples and funnier... teresa and joe are worst marriage and fakes...

Kay Wiermaa

This article is just a hate on the Gorgas.  Get some facts, then write.  It's called Journalism with INTEGRITY.

Karma... KarmaGrant

OOOOH Lemme guess, it's promo time for the show since it returns in what, 2-3 months? Otherwise there's no reason for them to get any press. And this moving info is old news.

Rosalie McGough

The nerve of Melissa Gorga to hash Teresa and Joe. I guess they need to shut their mouths now. And Joe, she will leave you when you loose all your money. She is a gold digger.

Rosalie McGough

Tried to find the story on Michelle Dugger's new look.  I hope it involved sewing her legs together. 

Karen Mitchell

Both of them are nothing but fake and liars.

Lucille Mason

nptice cafe mom didn't mention that poison joe, took put morgage on his parents home, never paid it, so they lost it. then they had to move into rental too. mellissa and poison joe will use anyone

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