Sick Homeless Man Attaches Note to His Dog Who Finds Him Help

They say a dog is man's best friend. A dog loves unconditionally, doesn't care how you look that day, and even forgives you instantly if you're in a bad mood or say something you shouldn't. You really can't find a better best friend than a pet -- which is why it's so awful the way they get treated by some people. For others, a dog isn't only a best friend -- but an ONLY friend. That's the case with this homeless man's pooch, who is not only his only friend, but his lifesaver.


A homeless man who found himself sick and unable to move reportedly attached a note to his pup, named Buddy, and set him free to go find help. A woman who happened to be walking nearby with her dog found the other dog and the note, which read:

Send Help. No Joke. Cannot walk. Medicine not working. Need doctor.

The woman alerted police who were able to track the man down with the help of his dog. There, they found that the man was immobile and worried he was dying. He was treated at a local hospital and released. I hope he was reunited with his dog.

I see a lot of homeless people with dogs in New York City. The dogs are always well-fed, and I've seen them with jackets in winter when the person doesn't have one. I see them with blankets when the person is cold. I see them with cans of food when the person is starving.

Sure, I've seen a few here and there who clearly are using an animal to get money -- there was one man who had a new kitten every few months. Kittens need all kinds of care and he was not up to the task. Yet he wouldn't give anyone the kittens. Cats are also not likely to stay by a homeless person like a dog will. Eventually this guy was arrested enough times for animal abuse that he finally stopped collecting kittens.

But I also see so many homeless people who take amazing care of their dogs. I'd almost rather see a dog with a homeless person than alone all day in an apartment with a wealthy but neglectful owner.

I'm glad this pooch could help his pal.

Have you seen homeless people with pets? Has your dog ever helped you?


Image via Joysaphine/Flickr

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