Gift Guide: Handmade Hipster

Check each of the Daily Buzz channels every day this week to find gift ideas for all the different people in your life. Earlier this week, here in Home & Garden, we gave you gift ideas for your Eco-Friend and the Garden Guru. Later this week, we'll also have gift ideas for: the Handy (Wo)Man and the Pet Lover and then very soon...Stocking Stuffers!

What will you get the Handmade Hipster in your life?

Every Handmade Hipster needs: 1) a pretty spot to organize her inspirations, 2) a crafty way to stay in touch with her muses, and 3) a lovely carry-all for her all-important tools. Be the one to give these gifts to your favorite handcrafter.

Nikki McClure book, Things to Make and Do

Things to Make and Do, $16.95 from


Product: Things to Make and Do: A Journal by Nikki McClure

Cost: $16.95

Where to Buy:

Extras: 160 pages that include artist Nikki McClure's amazing paper cuts and space to jot down your creative ideas. The journal is divided into several inspiring sections: Plans, Wishes, Dreams, Build, Explore, Learn, Make, Grow, Give, and Find.

Why I Love It: Never let a brilliant idea go unwritten again.

handmade hellos, stationery, book

Handmade Hellos, $20.95 from

Product: Handmade Hellos: Fresh Greeting Card Projects from First-Rate Crafters

Cost: $20.95

Where to Buy:

Extras:  25 different stationery projects with lessons on how to screen-print, bind, stamp, stencil, and more. 

Why I Love It: A creative way to communicate with the beautiful world outside your beautiful mind.

needle and pin kit

Needle and Pin Storage Booklet, $24 from The Spoon Sisters

Product: Needle and Pin Storage Booklet

Cost: $24

Where to Buy: The Spoon Sisters

Extras: This handmade button-flap booklet is a great place to safely tuck away one's needles and pins. Made mostly from recycled materials.

Why I Love It: One should always have something sensational to sew with on the train.

Check back tomorrow for gift ideas for your favorite Handy (Wo)Man.

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