Barbie 'Sells' Her Malibu Dream House for $25 Million -- No, Really!

barbie dream homeYou guys, I've got scoop on a MAJOR celeb real estate story. A 41-year resident of Malibu is packing up her beachfront property and looking for a new home. Guess who just put up her mansion for sale on 


Who else would have an all-pink, three-story, 8,500-square-foot home with only one bedroom? A make-believe plastic lady doll, of course! But what a bedroom it is. It spans the entire top floor and features a steam shower, a hot tub, and heated pink marble flooring. You've GOT to see the custom closet space -- there's room for hundreds of shoes only wee pointy feet will fit in! Squee, check out this uber-pink beach pad.


barbie dream home elevator
Oooh, the elevator!

Other features include an elevator, an unobstructed view of the ocean, a kitchen with pink granite countertops and stocked with plastic food that never spoils, a self-flushing toilet, a perpetually-crackling fireplace, and diamond-encrusted accents everywhere. Why, it really is a dream home come true! If you're 5.

There's just one little thing -- the house has only three walls. Apparently they took the SoCal indoor/outdoor living concept to its fullest extent. I guess ask the real estate agent if there's a retractable rain hood or something? Oh -- that would be Bravo TV's Million Dollar Listing realtor Josh Altman, natch.

Anyway, after some lucky girl snaps up this gem (a steal at $25,000,000), Barbie will move into her new Dream Home. But where will that be? In her video interview Barbie says she's up for any spot on the globe. In the meantime, she's pulled together a dream design team, including LA textile designer Lulu deKwiatkowski, high-society decorator Celerie Kemble, and fashion and home product designer Trina Turk. I vote for Bali!

Okay, but seriously, this is a brilliant marketing ploy to build excitement over the next Barbie Dream House. And if those designers are really having input, it's going to be about the coolest house Barbie has ever had.

Where do you think Barbie's next Dream Home should be?


Images via Mattel

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