Cat Falls Into Washing Machine & Survives 35-Minute Spin Cycle of Doom

washing machine catIf there's one thing most cats absolutely hate (in fact I tend to be of the opinion that there are quite a large number of things most cats absolutely hate, but never mind), if there's just one thing most cats truly loathe and detest above all other detestable things to be loathed, it would have to be ... getting wet. Oh, the humiliation! The indignity! Hell hath no fury like a kitty cat bathed (or rained upon, or sprayed, or splashed, or whatever). And make no mistake: Cats hold a hell of a grudge, too.

Anyway, considering how much most cats react to even the idea of a 30-second bath, I can't begin to imagine how upset Natasha, a Siberian Forest Cat living in Oakland, California, must have been after she went through an entire 35-minute cycle in a washing machine. I can't begin to imagine how she survived, either, but she did!


Naturally Natasha's owner, Daryl Humdy, was horrified by the accident: “My roommate was loading his laundry and left the lid to the washing machine open while he went to the next room to grab more clothes. He came back, threw his clothes in, and shut the lid to the washing machine without realizing that Natasha had jumped into it while he had been away.”

Poor kitty!! Still, it's amazing Natasha didn't drown. As soon as they found her with the wet clothes, Humdy rushed her to the emergency animal hospital, where she received treatment for severe hypothermia and shock ... and, later, the "Most Unusual Claim Award," from Humdy's insurance carrier, Brea-based Veterinary Pet Insurance. Which is a pretty big deal! Honorable mentions this year went to "a dog that that sustained blunt trauma after being chased down and kicked by a mule, a poodle that was hit by a bicycle, and a St. Bernard that swallowed a holiday ornament."

I hate to say it, but somebody might as well: Good thing cats have nine lives! (And health insurance.)

What's the craziest situation your pet has ever survived?


Image via VPI Pet Insurance

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