Kate Middleton's House May Have Been Bugged & You Won't Believe Who's Being Blamed


Kensington Palace

Don't get me wrong, I lurrrrrvvve a good piece of celebrity gossip, but the new rumor about Kate Middleton's house being bugged by Camilla has me rolling on the floor with laughter.

Yes, supposedly Camilla has bugged Kensington Palace in a desperate attempt to hear every word exchanged between Kate and Prince William. According to The Globe, two "listening devices" were found in their apartment. And apparently Camilla planted them there and is hoping to find some "dirt" on the royal couple to use against them by relaying whatever info she discovers to Queen Elizabeth.

OMG. For real?

Why do I find the possibility of this scenario to be absolutely preposterous, yet so amusing at the same time?

Am I the only one who is loving the idea of Camilla sneaking out in the middle of the night wearing a mask, making her way into Kensington Palace, and planting bugs in Kate and William's quarters -- then running back over to her own residence giggling like a school girl?

Oh yeah, you're probably right. Camilla is a royal, and the royals have people to do everything for them. If she wanted to bug Kate and William's pad, it's highly doubtful she'd do it herself.

But seriously, for her sake, let's hope this story is just as nutty and false as it sounds, because if there's any shred of truth to it, Kate and Wills aren't going to be too happy about it. Nobody likes being spied on, especially not by a family member you're supposed to be able to trust.

Do you think there's any chance Camilla bugged Kensington Palace?


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Nelli... NellieAthome

I'd bet more on Charles doing it

marie... mariesmama

and do they honestly beleive an adulterer has any claim to the throne? i'm sorry by popular opinion and tradition will would be king before charles

Glenda Gressett Forrester

I am not surprised. Never trusted Camilla. She is scum beneath my shoes. I hope William, confronts her, and tells her she out of his life.

baham... bahamamama61

Yes, I think she would do it, because she's bad!

Blueeyesofelvis Gett

i believe she would do it. camilla does not think she is a commner. She is. she is not of royal blood. Camilla throws it in Kates face. Camilla has no class she is a snake.

Aunt_... Aunt_Jenny

Did anyone else think of the show Dallas, when they were reading this?

Mary Stephens

Camilla is just low and conniving enough to do something like this. She is devious, jealous, backstabbing, any other negative word to describe her. She is the complete opposite of Diana and Kate. Both are charming, lovely and loving fist class ladies deservant of the title. Mary Stephens

Susan Cooper

Camilla the horse face can't stand the fact that a gorgeous young woman is taking the world by storm while they are barely tolerating her ugly face. This would be so much like her. I hope they find out the truth and boot this skank out of the family and back into the gutter where she belongs.

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