Beautiful Ideas for Flower Planters That Are Easy to Put Together at Home (VIDEO)

Most of us are getting socked with a lot of winter weather right now, but spring is just around the corner. Whether you're dreaming of spring planting or just wanting to bring the outdoors in for a shot of color until the snow melts, you might be surprised at the creative containers in which you can plant flowers. All it takes is a little upcycling know-how.

Andee Dodson shows us, in this latest episode of Make It Fabulous, how to make flower planters from an old colander, a rubber rain boot, and a tin can. All you need is a little spray paint, some glitter glue, and a self-adhesive stencil with a pattern you like. Check it out below!


These are interesting ideas. I think a row of the stenciled tin cans would look great lined up in a windowsill, or on each end of the stair treads on porch steps. The cool thing is that you can really plant in anything that allows the plant's roots to expand and allows water to drain so the plant doesn't get waterlogged. I've even saved old coffee mugs to plant herbs in!

Check out the video:

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Image via CafeMom Studios

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