Jason Hoppy May Destroy Bethenny Frankel's Amazing Closet & Turn it Into a 'Man Cave'

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Bethenny Frankel closet

Man. If the new rumor about Jason Hoppy planning on tearing down Bethenny Frankel's walk-in closet and turning it into a man cave are true -- their divorce is a whole heck of a lot uglier than we initially thought.

I mean, it's already bad enough that Jason has supposedly refused to move out of the lavish $5 million Tribeca loft he once shared with Bethenny, but demolishing her beloved closet? Yeah, that's a pretty low blow, all right.

According to a source who talked to Radar Online:

Jason thinks the closet is just ridiculous and it doesn’t fit well into the overall floorplan of the apartment. When they were still together, Jason once accused Bethenny of loving the closet more than him. She is obsessed with material objects and her personal relationships have often suffered because of it. Jason has vowed to immediately tear down that damn closet and turn it into a man cave if he is given the apartment as part of the divorce settlement.


And if you're sitting there thinking, "Oh, so what. It's only a closet -- what's the big deal?" -- then it's clear that you've never seen a photo of the space, which is roughly the size of most people's living rooms.

Honestly, when I first saw it, I may or may not have started drooling a tiny bit. It's pretty darn amazing, people. And if I ever hit the lottery, I plan on re-creating it in whatever sprawling beachfront home I happen to buy with my winnings.

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But let's shift gears for a bit and talk about Jason's plans for a man cave. Um, can someone please tell me why exactly he needs a man cave considering he'll be living in the apartment alone? Isn't the whole place practically one huge man cave?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the sole purpose of a man cave is to have a space in the house for a guy to go and be alone, or hang out with his buddies -- away from the women. But Jason doesn't have a woman living with him anymore, so the man cave really has no purpose at all.

If this report is true, and he does wind up gutting the closet and turning it into yet another room to get his bachelor on, then it's obvious he's only doing it to stick it to Bethenny -- and stick it to her good. (And that's really not cool. Not cool at all.)

Does your husband have a man cave?


Image via BravoTV

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momofcfk momofcfk

who cares......

nonmember avatar moi

On the show, they/she debated on what to use the space for-closet or man cave. Obviously we see what came of the space. So naturally, if he gets the apartment, then of course he would change it

Evelyn Kiefer

I hope he gets it in the settlement. She only wants what SHE wants and the hell with everyone else. I also hope he gets primary custody of Bryn so she can see her grandparents on a regular basis. That child needs a normal, stable upbringing and I don't think she will get that with Bethanny because she is too neurotic.

Susan Keaveny Lehner

Good for Jason, she is so selfish I will not be watching her new show - she is so LOW she needs a reality check and I certainly hope he gets custody of Bryn also - she is a nut job who has only complained about her mom and she is just like her go Jason behind you all the way

nonmember avatar Gina

Jason is an a&^hole, he knows that he didn't put a penny to buy that apartment but now wants it. What about this Jason? You buy your own apartment with the money settlement that you will get for the divorce and the whole apartment can be your man cave.

Isoline Simon

Evelyn, you are out of your mind by saying Hobby should get the apartment and kid. Bethany had been in the process of her business plans years before she met Hobby. Why the hell he should have a say what she does with the apartment that her money funded. He should just take what he gets being married for only two years and get out of her place. Yes, he should be a part of Bryn's life. Sole custody, NO WAY.

Isoline Simon

It is crazy the things you say about Bethany and Jason.  Jason knew exactly what he was getting into.  He lived with the woman and she was pregnant before they got married.  Who forced him to marry her.  He is the one coming off not smelling too rosy right now.  One could say he married her for her money.  He knew about her business and the money she would get for her Skinny Girl liquors.  So now, who is  the low life and nut job.  One thing we know, Bethany is not lazy, she always has some project going.

Nycti... Nyctimene

If he gets the apartment then he has no reason to keep it as a woman's closet, obviously. He can do what he likes with it. If that's turning it into the world's biggest place to s**t or into a 'mancave' than so be it. It'll be his house. And if she's not living there anymore than why should she care what he does with it? She can buy another place with her millions and make another stupidly huge closet. 

I personally side with him and I've never seen an ep of any show Bethanny is on but just from the news stories she really does seem neurotic, annoying and self-centered not to mention the scandal around her SG stuff which made her seem fraudulent and even more greedy. The fact that she's gutting this guy and going after full custody of their daughter when he's done nothing overtly wrong (dislike him if you will but it's not like he beat or raped her or beat Bryn) to warrent having his daughter removed 100% from him.  

Char_... Char_gal4

I really don't care for celebrities, but the words 'Man Cave' makes me think of "Me man.  Man like sports.  Man like fire.  Man hungry!  Wooman make sammich for man!"


nonmember avatar Patty

I hope Jason gets it all. Bethenny is a spoiled beyotch. She treated him like dirt from the beginning. His getting the loft and full custody of Bryn would knock her back on her nasty behind. Ever meet her in person? She is rude and self-centered. He is always nice and his parents are a delight. She treated all of them like dirt. Ever wonder why most people leave her, friends and all?

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