Jason Hoppy May Destroy Bethenny Frankel's Amazing Closet & Turn it Into a 'Man Cave'

Bethenny Frankel closet

Man. If the new rumor about Jason Hoppy planning on tearing down Bethenny Frankel's walk-in closet and turning it into a man cave are true -- their divorce is a whole heck of a lot uglier than we initially thought.

I mean, it's already bad enough that Jason has supposedly refused to move out of the lavish $5 million Tribeca loft he once shared with Bethenny, but demolishing her beloved closet? Yeah, that's a pretty low blow, all right.


According to a source who talked to Radar Online:

Jason thinks the closet is just ridiculous and it doesn’t fit well into the overall floorplan of the apartment. When they were still together, Jason once accused Bethenny of loving the closet more than him. She is obsessed with material objects and her personal relationships have often suffered because of it. Jason has vowed to immediately tear down that damn closet and turn it into a man cave if he is given the apartment as part of the divorce settlement.


And if you're sitting there thinking, "Oh, so what. It's only a closet -- what's the big deal?" -- then it's clear that you've never seen a photo of the space, which is roughly the size of most people's living rooms.

Honestly, when I first saw it, I may or may not have started drooling a tiny bit. It's pretty darn amazing, people. And if I ever hit the lottery, I plan on re-creating it in whatever sprawling beachfront home I happen to buy with my winnings.

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But let's shift gears for a bit and talk about Jason's plans for a man cave. Um, can someone please tell me why exactly he needs a man cave considering he'll be living in the apartment alone? Isn't the whole place practically one huge man cave?

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I thought the sole purpose of a man cave is to have a space in the house for a guy to go and be alone, or hang out with his buddies -- away from the women. But Jason doesn't have a woman living with him anymore, so the man cave really has no purpose at all.

If this report is true, and he does wind up gutting the closet and turning it into yet another room to get his bachelor on, then it's obvious he's only doing it to stick it to Bethenny -- and stick it to her good. (And that's really not cool. Not cool at all.)

Does your husband have a man cave?


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