Adele Buys Her Mom a New Home to Thank Her & You Won't Believe How Much It Cost

Adele in concertOh Adele! I love you! Beyonce may have stolen the Super Bowl halftime show, but new mom Adele stole my heart (as usual) when I read that she of the golden voice just gave her own mom the deed to an apartment worth almost ... are you ready for this? ... a million dollars!

Penny Adkins, otherwise known as "Adele's mom," now has a super fab London flat to call her own, in the very same Notting Hill neighborhood where Adele owns another posh pad. So sweet!

Yeah, yeah, I know -- Adele’s a bazillionaire and, for her, giving Mom a million-dollar apartment is like you or me giving our moms a ... what? Hmm, probably not a car. More like ... a really fancy ... day at the spa. Right? But that’s not the point.


I love that Adele is taking care of her mom, who, by all accounts, really sacrificed and struggled to take care of Adele, working two jobs to make ends meet, apparently with no help from Adele’s father. (Hey I just report what I read in the magazines, people.) It must feel SO GOOD to be able to do something like that for your mother, right? To be able to help her out with a gift of security like that -- such a richly symbolic thing to do for the person who gave you life, and who made wherever you lived as a child a home.

I wish I could buy MY mom a fancy apartment! Except I wouldn't want it to be a fancy apartment -- instead I’d buy her a beautiful little Victorian house in the town where I grew up, and where she still lives now. There would be rose bushes and a lemon tree in the front, and a little garden in the back, with a view of the pretty Northern California hills. I’d build wall-to-wall bookshelves to hold all her books, and make sure there was one of those gorgeous, built-in dining room cabinets to display her teapots and champagne glasses. (My mom is fun!) And of course she’d need plenty of wall and shelf space for all her artwork, and for her many, many framed photos of me and my sister and my daughter ...


Maybe one day. (Note to self: buy lottery ticket!) For now, I’ll have to settle with Mother’s Day and birthday presents of the regular variety (hey, fancy soap is kind of like a Notting Hill apartment, right?), always accompanied by cards telling her how much I love and appreciate her.


What kind of home would you buy your mom? Would you if you could?



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