Cutest Puppies Ever Predict Super Bowl Winner on 'Jimmy Fallon' -- You Have to See This (VIDEO)

jimmy fallon

With the Super Bowl just two days away, people are undoubtedly waging bets on who will win. Will it be the Baltimore Ravens, who have powerhouse Ray Lewis on their team, or the San Fransisco 49ers and their tattooed superstar Colin Kaepernick? It's anybody's guess -- that is, until now. Jimmy Fallon has created a surefire way to predict which team will take home the trophy and you can't miss it, it's too amazingly cute.


With the help of five of the most adorable Golden Retriever puppies I've ever seen, Fallon has answered the question on every sports fan's mind. Take a look at who will win this year's big game.

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Who do you think will win the Super Bowl?

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