I Refuse to Hang Pictures on My Walls Because of One Crazy Fear

dining roomEvery time I go into one of my friends' houses, I'm immediately overwhelmed with feelings of envy because of how perfectly decorated each and every room is, complete with cute little knick-knacks, beautiful window coverings, and of course, various pictures and pieces of art on every single wall.

You see, I refuse to hang pictures on the walls in my own house or do any other major kind of decorating, not because I don't have the time or energy (though that's partially true too), but because I firmly believe that hanging pictures on the walls is bad luck.

No, I'm not a complete nut job, I swear. (At least hear me out before you declare me to be clinically insane.)


I'm 35 years old, and I've never lived in the same house for more than six consecutive years. And since I come from a family of movers and shakers, we have a running joke that we tend to stick by whenever one of us moves into a new pad. Never hang anything on the walls, because the minute you do, it'll be time to pack up and move again.

And as funny as it sounds, it's true. Every time I've ever felt settled enough to hang anything on the walls or do some other form of decorating, we've relocated shortly afterwards.

On March 1, we will have lived in our current house for guess how long? Yep, exactly six years. And although there's absolutely no indication that we'll be moving anywhere anytime soon -- there's no way in hell I'm about to tempt fate by getting comfortable and adorning my walls with anything.

Because I know the minute I do, something will happen and it will be time to take the pictures off the walls and move.

And as much as I love moving (yes, I really do) because I adore starting fresh and exploring new places and figuring out all the cool things to do and see there, at this point in time, I'm just not up for the physical part of the move. (If you saw the wreck that is my basement, you'd understand.)

So for now, there will be no pictures on my walls in the near future, if ever.

(We'll see, maybe I'll break down and put them up in my next house.)

How long did it take you to hang things on your walls after moving into your home?


Image via Mary Fischer

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